Survive The Holidays

Survive the Holiday Rush!
The holidays are upon us! The stress, plans, travel, parties and snacks can take a toll on your body and derail goals. These few tips can help you stay focused and not slide backwards.

1. Keep hydrated. It is easy with cooler weather to forget to drink enough water. Make sure you are getting your proper amount. 
2. Alternate water with festive beverages. If you do drink alcohol at holiday events, alternate with water.. Drink a large glass before going and make that your first drink upon arrival.
3. Keep your hands busy. We often snack or drink from needing something to do with our hands. Keep etiquette with your drink (water) in left hand and keep right hand free to shake hands.
4. Move away from the food table. If you are hovering near the snacks you are more inclined to keep eating. Make a small plate and move to a different area.
5. Load up on veggies. Many times we just snack from habit or boredom or even stress. Pick veggies first. This will also help you eat less carbs at dinner.
6. Split the dessert or just go with a bite. You may only get the chance for the famous pie, cake or dessert once a year. You don't need the whole piece or probably even want it. It is likely just the taste or even memory. Take just one bite with a friend or a very small serving.
7. Keep moving. Make sure to stay active. Take a walk, still hit the gym and get your heart rate up. It will help work off any extras and relieve some stress the holidays may bring.
8. Bring your own. You may think others will look at you funny if you bring a healthy dish or meal for you but be proud of focusing on your health. You will likely inspire someone else to get more active in their wellness.
9. Play! Get the kids out for a pick up game. Throw the football around yourself instead of just watching. Take a hike, build a snowman, have a snowball fight. Dance! Do something fun that has movement.
10. Don't be afraid to say no. It is OK to pass on a party invitation, dessert, a second glass of wine or anything else that does nor fit your goals.

We can help you stay focused on on target through accountability and our efficient workouts. Get a jump on the New Year now. Don't make a resolution. Start a lifestyle change.

Email, text, direct message or call us to have  a detailed talk on your goals.

Focused and Dedicated in Your Health and Fitness,

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