Who Is Your Pacer?

Who Is Your Pacer?


3 days after my birthday I ran my first ever ½ marathon. I was lucky to have a good friend run with me. We set a goal of beating 2 hours but a top goal of under 1:50. The race event had pacers at various marks and one of them was the 1:50 time frame.


That was going to make life simple. Except we had to be in the wave behind the pacer. That meant a 90 second delay which may not seem much but when consistent miles count, it can be a lot longer than you think.


We ran down the pacer after 4 miles and cruised with them for most the race. I fell off a bit at the end but still ran a 1:47:49. Goal complete!!


What does this have to do with fitness or personal wellness? Everything. If I had been left on my own without a pacer of any kind I could have easily fell off. Nearly everyone running either had a person running a pace or an electronic device to help them stay on task.


In fitness and even personal development it is essential to have someone help you stay on pace. You can go it alone but having someone help you stay right on track provides better consistency. Consistency leads to success. That is what we all want!

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Key Trait To Success

The Key Trait to Success


It takes a lot of strong traits to be successful in your journey in fitness. These traits also apply in your journey for success in any area. You must be focused, determined, motivated, adaptive and consistent. Most importantly you have to be patient.


This is honestly one of the hardest parts for me. Like many people, I want success and I want it NOW!! It is tough to wait for results or move at a slower pace than you desire. That is often the case. Progress can take time. Results in fitness are a process and can take substantial time. You have to follow the steps and procedures and trust the process. Results can seem to be miniscule or not at all. It is often hard for one to see results themselves.


Business can be very similar. You can pour a ton of effort and see small results little by little. Big changes are exciting but the norm is small victories. We have doubled in growth over a year with still room for more. That is phenomenal but the patience to see it develop is tough!! Obviously we want more success now. Patience truly is a virtue and we are working hard to develop it more.


Understand we get the frustrations. When you are still struggling for another rep. Can not seem to lift that extra plate. Those last few inches will not drop off. Those pesky abs keep hiding. Be patient. When new clients seem to be hard to find. When your revenue takes a dip. When ideas seem as dry as the desert. Keep adapting. Keep working. Keep pressing. Stay patient and know it takes time to create a masterpiece.

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Shopping for a New You!

On Sunday afternoon I spent a good part of my late morning/early afternoon doing some much needed shopping. After many years of being fairly frugal and not really buying too much for ourselves, I sometimes struggle to spend money on certain items. I have really become quite the bargain shopper and big price tags scare me. I will spend hours looking for a good deal and prefer to shop in the clearance section! This being said, I had quite a bit of money to burn and was on a mission to get some good deals!

As I was shopping that day, I got to thinking. All around me there were people spending money on so many frivolous and material items. Designer and name brand handbags, shoes, clothes and whatever else you can think of. While I certainly do not fault anyone for purchasing these items with their hard earned money, it just made me question one thing… Why is it so easy to spend money on all these material items but so hard to spend money investing in yourself?

Health and fitness programs sometimes come with a hefty price tag (the good ones) and it can be difficult to see past the monetary commitment. Now let’s compare what you receive with your investment in a fitness program versus those monetary objects. What exactly is that designer handbag going to do for you? How long is it going to last? What if you don’t like it anymore and want to get rid of it? What if instead or even also you take some of your earnings to invest in yourself? Are you going to see long term effects? Will it not last you a lifetime? Let me go over some of the benefits of exercising.

  1. Boost happiness levels. Who doesn’t want that?
  2. Setting and achieving goals. In our fitness program we find why you are starting and what your goals are so that we can help you succeed.
  3. Exercising gives you energy. Sounds weird but it is true!
  4. Increase strength and flexibility.
  5. Increases self-confidence.
  6. Become less susceptible to disease- These are the long time effects I am speaking of. Boost your immunity so you get sick less often also!
  7. You live longer! If you are taking care of your body with exercise and good nutrition you will be around a lot longer with your loved ones!

These are just a few of my favorite reasons to commit to a good health and fitness program. So if you find yourself struggling to spend the money investing in yourself try thinking ahead and what you want your life to be like in the future. Do you see yourself living a long and healthy life? Are you ready to make a change and invest in your future? If so, contact us today! We would love to help you find your formula for success!

invest in yourself1

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A Different Path Does Not Have To Be Wrong

A Different Path Does Not Have To Be Wrong

I have taught martial arts for a very long time. I have always found that I learn a lot by watching my students, how they react, what they struggle with. I am sure many instructors agree if students have a poor stance, are doing a move a little “strange” or not holding their hands right there is a good chance they saw you do it.

Most students and especially very young ones just mirror you exactly. It is funny when you kneel down to help them and they kneel also but not so funny when you see their hands way down and realize it is because you are holding yours too low. It also shows what a strong example we serve.

I also am fortunate that I teach a group of kids who are all in a Home School program. In my town, it was rare to know someone home schooled. If they were, they had either behavioral or development issues. It just was not the normal way to attend school. I would say it is still not the “average” for society. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “going against the grain”.

The program allows so many unique opportunities. My students get to take martial arts in the middle of the day. How great is that?! They also get to explore the city, go out in nature and have true hands on lessons in life. It is honestly very different from how I went to school but is so fun to see.

We are so quick to question, criticize and point out negatives to anything different from our “normal” or path. Many people are so focused on convincing others to follow “their way” they miss the opportunity to learn why a different path can be so amazing to another. Why does it have to be a competition?

Some of the students come to Saturday class where “traditional school” kids are there also. Obviously it is impossible to tell a difference. Each one is just on their own path in life and learning along the way the best for them.

I have students in private schools, religious based schools, public schools and home schools. Which one is best? The one that fits the student the best. I think we have lost the view of allowing people to be an individual and create their own road. After all, you can’t discover new territories by staying on a well groomed path.


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5 Fat Facts About Fat

Did you catch our article we wrote for www.mealprepsundaysandiego ?


We had a lot fun filming it and writing it for them. We are thankful for our friendship with them and even more thankful for their great meals delivered to our door every Sunday.


Watch for more great articles and work along side them.


5 Facts that you need to know to meal prep for weight loss.

Don't Fear Fat

Too many people fear fat and do not have the proper facts. Fat is
necessary. Not only does the body need fat on it to survive but you
need fat in your diet for proper nutrition. Maybe they should have
called the essential fat in your diet (an oily substance in liquid or
solid form in food) a different name than the excess fat on your
stomach or body (the soft flesh on the bodies of animals that helps
keep the body warm and is stored for energy).
The body uses fat as a fuel source and is the major storage form of
energy in the body. When we eat and exercise correctly and
efficiently, our body burns fat effectively to fuel us. Taking the
time for proper meal prep with the right balance of nutrients will
help you succeed in your fitness goals and weight loss. Having a
professional prepare and deliver your meals to you eases the burden.
Let someone else do the tough work! You can just eat and enjoy.

Here are 5 Fat Facts on Fat to Help You Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Everyone knows Vitamin-A , Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K are
essential. You must include those vitamins in your nutrition meal
plan. However, these are all Fat Soluble Vitamins. The body cannot
even absorb them without fat! That means no fat - no Vitamin-A (or
D,E,K)! For proper weight loss management, add tuna or salmon as the
lean protein in your meal prep planning. Combining the lean protein
with squash, leafy greens and tropical fruit will provide a meal full
of vitamins and healthy fat. This effective meal prep plan for weight
loss will allow for vitamin absorption, correct fat content and
achieve nutritional goals!

Healthy fats can prevent weight gain. Studies show keeping your
nutrition balanced with proper essential healthy fats can prevent
excess weight gain. So yes, the right fat fights the wrong fat! Are we
saying eat the right fat to lose weight? YES! So, create an effective
meal prep plan for your workouts on Sunday to prepare a well planned
program for weight loss and health. To help increase weight loss,
create a meal plan that includes a total of 31-54 grams of healthy fat
from various sources. Variety prevents boredom and keeps you balanced
in nutrition. Stuck on recipes? Contact a professional meal prep
service to help!

Fats pack a punch!! Fat contains 9 calories per gram. That is way more
than any other nutrient. You can pack more energy with a few healthy
fats. A meal prep plan that includes a breakfast with correct healthy
fats can energize you for the day. Add whole eggs and cheese as a
source of essential fat in your meal prep plan to help promote weight
loss. Proper planning is the key and timing your nutrients through the
day leads to greater success! Obviously too much fat can add weight
but excess calories from any source (protein or carbs) will create
weight gain. That is why proper meal planning and prepping with exact
serving sizes is so important. Use that concentrated energy for a fat
blasting workout and gain lean muscle.

Fat and happy!! Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help some emotional disorders.
Studies have shown they can assist with depression. Add salmon and
walnuts in your meal prep plan to be happy while you are transforming
your body! Or use a professional meal prep service! Don't Worry Be

Cushion, insulate and glow!! Fat is needed on the body to cushion
organs as well as insulate the body. Zero fat is impossible and
unhealthy. Some fat is needed even for top athletes. Essential fats
also help promote healthy skin. No wonder those smart Meal Prep Sunday
San Diego Chefs include peanut butter and yogurt on the menu. They all
have nice skin for a reason!! Proper pairing of foods and a solid meal
prep plan is key to successful weight loss goals! Fat can be scary and
confusing. Trusting the professionals is a great way to get all the
nutrients you need in great tasting meals.

Goals require a plan. Your health requires correct nutrition and a
meal prep plan is an essential step. Guidance, support and structure
helps people in various areas of life. It is easy to drift off course
and start getting excess fat (or other nutrients). Professionals keep
you on course and support you to achieve your goals. Struggling to
maintain or boost weight loss? Then create an effective meal prep plan
based on your needs, goals and activity.
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