The Judgement Is?

And The Judges Score……


Right now the Olympics are going. I am a big fan of the Olympics, winter and summer. I love the focus athletes must have. I relay the lessons of perseverance, determination and hard work to my students. There are always great stories and a lot of emotion.


Unfortunately, there also a lot of decisions left to the judges. Scores are totally based on their interpretation. I always have some hesitation in pure judged sports. Yes, there are standards and requirements but still it comes down to a judge and someone’s point of view.


What does this have to do with fitness and health? We recently took part in an event to help make yourself aware of self judgement and judgement of others. We also hosted a ladies’ only event on judgement of your own body and sexiness. It was very eye opening for all in each event. We are often quick to judge others and it is a practice we need to focus on to not allow our mind to drift to those statements and thoughts. We are also extremely tough on ourselves and many of us overly critical of our perception and make harsh judgements of our looks, abilities and accomplishments. That is a huge self-limit we place on ourselves.


When we judge others we in turn bring ourselves down. Those judgements are often based on our fears and feelings of ourselves. We may see someone wearing something we do not agree with or would not have the guts to wear and in turn judge them. Honestly, if someone has crazy colored hair, a flashy outfit, tattoos or anything else that may seem different, what true impact does it have on us?


If someone wants to wear flip flops every day does it truly matter in our daily lives? If they love country music, drink root beer and watch Sci-Fi why should we judge? Do we really just want validation for our unique tastes? Is it we want others to abandon their likes and habits to join us in ours? Does our fear of being alone and seem “weird” prompt us to attack others? If what they do does no harm to anyone else including themselves what does it truly matter?


Why do we have to push our influence and not just embrace and hear about the passion others have for their own interests? This can be applied to so many areas of life. Sports, music, food and obviously religion. When we open our mind and do not judge others we start to open our hearts to our own full ability and focus on correcting ourselves and not others. Let’s all focus on building each other up, embracing our different loves and learning to enjoy more of the wonders in life from numerous views.

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Yes You Can

Yes You Can

“Yes You Can”. Such a simple and short phrase. How often do you tell yourself that? Too often we say and believe the opposite. I am still working towards my goals for my business, relationships and fitness. I know it will take work and I can get there. The key, a coach who told me “Yes You Can”.


We self-sabotage and limit ourselves in so many ways. When I started my business I had big dreams of huge success in just a few months. Like many things in life, it did not go as my vision had so clearly painted. That let doubt creep in. I compared myself to others, saw their success and convinced myself I was not good enough, smart enough, skilled enough or lucky enough. With that mindset success would always be out of reach.


What changed? I was told “Yes You Can”. I was guided through small victories and steps. I dug deep inside myself and found why I did not have the confidence to grow. Why I was afraid to step out into a bigger opportunity. Why I was was limiting myself, my opportunities and therefore chance of success. I was telling myself I couldn’t reach my ultimate goals with no reason behind it. When asked “Why Not?” I had no valid explanation.


Can you do anything? Just about. Anything you focus on within reason. (Insert sarcastic comment “Can I run at the speed of sound?”) Step back, work with someone who will push you, ask the tough questions and guide you into true self reflection. You will awaken your inner child who had unlimited dreams and potential. Society silenced that creativity. Bring that back to your conscious mind! Dream big! Think outlandish goals! Set no limits! Be free of self-restrictions!


Can you do it? Yes You Can!!

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Lose Sight of The Shore

Lose Sight of Shore


The ocean is vast and can be scary. Staying on land is secure. Safe. Wading out into the water requires some courage. Setting sail and going out beyond the break takes even more guts. Completely losing sight of the shore will truly test your confidence. It is not easy to go beyond the view of that security.


We want to stay in our comfort zone. Even those who are at home on the water can become complacent to seas they know well. We value the familiar. We shy from the unknown. Confidence in where we have been, what we know we can do and understand feel good. Exposing weakness and admitting our lack of knowledge is scary and tough on the ego. To truly grow, improve and gain more knowledge we must be willing to leave those known areas and push ourselves.


My journey into Brazilian Jiu JItsu has been an adventure and a test. I have Black Belts in multiple martial arts including Japanese Ju JItsu (we even spell it different). While I have accomplished skills in martial arts Brazilian Jiu JItsu is new to me. That pure focus on grappling is different from my previous styles. It would be easy for me to stay in my secure and confident areas and prove my strengths. Admitting a weakness and a hole takes courage I was not sure I had.


At my age, at this point in trying to grow a business why push myself? Why take on something new? Why not just reinforce my strengths and highlight those to attract and “wow” my students? There are two huge reasons to keep pushing myself. 1. How can I ask my students to grow, try something new and walk into new territory if I will not. 2. If I want to teach well rounded and strong martial artists, I have to become as strong and well rounded as possible. That includes working on my weak areas.


By losing site of the shore and in turn dropping my ego before I sail off, I will not only become a better person but my students and hopefully others will be inspired to as well.

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New Team Member - Tyler McCraley - Yoga Instructor

We met Tyler through clients who were aqttending his Yoga sessions. We tried a class with him and had a blast. His classes will be part of our program and we will be adding others as well. He conducts his classes outdoors so a fun way to enjoy our beautiful city of San Diego.




Born in the rocky mountains of Salt Lake City,  I am passionainte about helping people achieve better health and well being. I believe fitness can be enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Yoga has been a powerful tool in my life and I enjoy helping people connect with their bodies on a deeper level. In my classes we'll focus on the power of deep breathing, correct alignment and focusing the mind.   I love nature and being outdoors. When I'm not doing yoga you'll find my exploring the beaches and enjoying the sunshine and surf. 
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New Team Member - Jerrelle Wilson - Yoga Instructor

Jerrelle is our first team member we found through an official job search. We are excited for his unique Yoga and assistance in marketing.

I've been practicing yoga since 2013, attracted to the practice because I saw the inner strength and benefits you can get from allowing yourself to be grounded on the mat. I wanted to find a way to stay grounded and connected to who I am as a person and yoga is key to that. Based on his newly found love of the practice I enrolled in the teacher certification program at I AM YOGA Wellness and received my yoga teacher certification in March of 2015.

I enjoy teaching various types of classes including Vinyasa as well as Hatha style and like to incorporate Yin yoga into my classes that allows for students to get deeper into poses and to begin releasing deeper muscle tissues. I enjoy bringing a fun energy that encourages students to go farther at the same time honoring their bodies while on the mat.

I want students to have a positive experience and truly enjoy yoga. Yoga, “Is a journey of learning the inner you and letting yourself become one with the world around you.



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