Nicky Reimer - Featured Athlete of the Month


Meet Nicky Reimer. He is our newest sponsored athlete and definitely one to watch. He is the featured athlete for the month of June.

What age did you start racing Supermoto? I started riding Supermoto on a Suzuki Jr 50 when I was 4, I started racing at 5 and I went pro at 12.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport? My dad was always my biggest inspiration because he was always a great role model and was an awesome riding coach.

What other activities do you enjoy? I am a wrestler at Los Alamitos High School and that uses up most of my time on weekdays, but on the weekends I try to hit the skatepark a couple times on my bmx bike and maybe do a couple flips if there are no big races the following weekend. During the winter, if the snow is good enough, I like to go to Mt. High and ride some powder.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Well I haven’t been there in a really long time but it would have to be Vail, Colorado.

What is your favorite movie? That’s a tough one, but it would either have to be 21 jump Street or Pain and Gain.

If you could have a super power what would it be? If I had to choose a superpower, it would be to fly. That way I don’t have to wait another month to get my license!

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal? It’d have to be a big pizza from any trackside Italian restaurant, because nothing is better than a big pizza with your friends after a long day of riding.

What is your favorite snack? Well besides from the On Track Wellness products, it would have to be a quesadilla from Chipotle.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals? Do a few stretches, and put on my right glove before left. But nothing really besides that.

What are your favorite Advocare products and why? My favorite has always been the Watermelon Spark, because it keeps me focused and it reduces how worn out I get during my motos. It tastes pretty good too!

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Brandon Green- Featured Athlete of the Month


Meet Brandon Green. He is one of our sponsored athletes as well as a fellow Advocare Distributor and our first Feature Friday athlete!

What age did you start racing motorcross? I started racing MX when I was 16.  I rode dirtbikes when I was younger but never raced. When I was 16 I went and watched a buddy of mine race and got the bug. I got my first race bike that next Christmas and haven't slowed down yet. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport? I would have to say my biggest inspiration in the sport is my Dad. He is the one that got me into racing. He used to be really good when he was younger and is still pretty fast for someone over 50. As a matter of fact this year my Dad, my little brother, and myself are all 3 trying to qualify for the Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn's ranch in Tennessee. 

What other activities do you enjoy? I'm also into Mountain Bike racing, running, and basketball. I incorporate all of them into my training to keep it fun and mix it up and when I'm not racing MX, I'm usually finding a race to run or a Mountain Bike race. 

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

What is your favorite movie? Tropic Thunder

If you could have a super power what would it be? I would have to say to fly. As much as we travel when we go racing, it would be so nice to just fly there and save the time.  

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal? Spicy Garlic Wings  and a cold beer from Buffalo Wild Wings, that's definitely my big cheat meal!

What is your favorite snack? Watermelon for sure.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals? I tell my mom and dad I love them as I get on my bike and head to staging, then at the line I say a quick prayer before I start the bike, I fist bump my dad. If I'm on the line at the same time as my little brother we always fist bump if we are close enough or give each other a thumbs up for good luck before the race starts. 

What are your favorite Advocare products and why? Spark is my favorite product without a doubt. It has so many uses. It's a great pre-workout and is great to get me going on race days or it can be used anytime I'm feeling sluggish or tired to give me that extra energy to get through the day. 

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The Choice is Yours

The song by Black Sheep “The Choice is Yours” was a favorite of myself and a group of friends in high school. The lyrics still make me laugh but the title rings true to everything…the choice is yours.
 You have options and decisions every day. Get up or sleep in. Go to work or skip. Check in with your friends/family or just scroll Facebook. Go to the gym or watch TV. Go to the store and buy some lean protein and veggies or hit the drive through.  You get the picture.
 Those are the easy choices. What about the tougher ones? Take the job offer in another city or stay in current job where you are bored. Invest in yourself with some training or just continue on same path. Take time on the weekends to learn an instrument or maybe even to fly. Those are hard choices at times.
 The mind will normally push you to the easy path, way of less resistance and give yourself all kinds of excuses and reasons of why you should just settle or go the safe route. Not too long ago I realized I had given up some dreams and thought I was too old to still go after them. However, I finally made the choice to go for it. What is interesting is once you decide you do have the choice and power and shut out the negatives, things begin to go smoother. I chose to go after a job in California to chase my dream of living there. Almost 6 years later and still very excited about living here.
 2 years ago at 37 I decided to get my personal training certificate. I have now helped numerous people gain better fitness and sports performance. I also took a chance on an income opportunity with Advocare around that same time. It now allows Amanda to work from home.
 Every action has a reaction. Everyday we are faced with numerous options and decisions. How we react, what we do and ultimately where we end up is our choice. So what are you going to decide today? What is truly telling you to wait and why? It is your mind pulling you to the easy road? Probably so but the choice is always yours to make.
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Finding a Purpose and Definition

Champion – noun – 1. A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially in sports. 2. A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

When I was younger I always wanted to be a “champion”, the best at whatever I did. I dreamed of being the #1 guy on the top of the podium. There have been times I have won. I have 1st place trophies and gold medals but there have been even more times I got beat and beat badly. I am a competitive person and I have always judged success on things by a score, place or level to others. However, I am starting to understand that is not the only way to judge success or a “champion”.

I am extremely blessed and lucky to have many people support me, wish me well, provide feedback, give ideas and even promote my business to help it grow. To help and give to others with no desire for anything in return is a champion by many definitions. I am thankful for those people and strive to make myself better so they see their efforts were appreciated and worth the energy they put out.

I will be 39 before long and have learned more in the last few years then I ever thought I would in my 30s. I have a solid job that makes some very cool items and I am happy, lucky and blessed to be able to do what I get paid for every day. However, when I was asked recently what TRULY makes me happy I realized it was helping others.

When I taught martial arts I was able to help others gain strength, confidence, discipline and self-awareness. When I was a DJ, I provided music and an environment for people to have an enjoyable night or the wedding of their dreams. As National President of Phi Sigma Phi, I help college men have the best possible Fraternal experience, win scholarships, prepare for the future and become better leaders. Via On Track Wellness, I can help people improve their fitness, have fun work outs, athletes improve performance or even provide someone a business model to earn income. I have enjoyed and love doing all those things. Those were always side jobs, hobbies or something I did as time allowed.

My goal now is to turn that portion of my life from part time fun to full time blessing. I do not want to call it a “job” because many I have done for free. If you love what you do than it is not work. I know it will take a lot of effort, determination, focus, creativity, some sacrifice and a bit of frustration but it will be worth it in the end. I want to take our side business of On Track Wellness and all the aspects we offer to a full time source of income for myself and Amanda. It will not be an easy road and will take time but I know we can get there.

So, I may never win a big motorcycle race, hit a home run or sink the winning basket but if I can help others hit their goals than I will end each day with a smile. If I can help that average person enjoy a workout and feel more confident while taking that dream cruise then my day was successful. In turn, I hope this allows me the time to help the members of Phi Sigma Phi get more direct support.

I am writing this and sharing not just to tell my story, gain readers or clients but to hold myself accountable to my goals and dreams. I hope all of you reading this take the time to reflect on your goals, dreams and desires and formulate a plan of attack. Thank you for your time and support and give it your own 100%.


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Playing the Percentages

How many times have you heard someone say “I will have a piece of cake tonight but just run another mile tomorrow”? Hopefully, most of you understand you can not out train a bad diet. If you are putting bad fuel in your body it is not going to run right. You can keep up on your training routine or even up it but if not fueling right you can still pack on excess fat and weight.

Prime example….us right at this moment. Amanda and I have stayed up on our fitness routine but we have seriously fallen off the wagon as far as what became our “normal” food products. Luckily, even though we have added some “fluff” our low point now is not even close to what it was before. We are not where we were at our peak but still higher than our previous valley. That is actually a good thing but still not acceptable. Although you will naturally have up and down points we let ourselves slide to far back down and it is time to get back “On Track”.

We used some trips, the holidays and a host of other excuses to keep slipping. A few meals here and there are not bad but we let it get out of control. That is unfortunately what can happen to many people. The “weekend cheat” starts to slide into Friday or even Thursday night. Before you know it you are off the course almost 60% of the time. That is not a passing percentage.

We tell our clients that the goal should be the “80/20 Rule Squared”. What that means is that your diet makes up 80% of your health plan and the workout is 20%. We found if you can stick to your plans 80% of the time you should see good success and maintain it. When we started our change our goal was to stay on course 80% of the time or more. We had obvious success. We find when we start to drop below that point, which is more than 1 or 2 items/meals a week that we start to regress and also not feel as good.

To get a jump start Amanda and I are doing The 24 Day Challenge which starts with a 10 day Herbal Cleanse. We have had great success before and look forward to doing it again. We are also getting very strict on our food consumption and completely cutting out lots of items we normally avoid anyway. If interested in joining us feel free to contact us. Or we can coach you through your own Challenge and transformation. As always, we will share our results and progress along the way! Here is to a healthy and stronger 2014!!

Hard WOrk

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