Be Your Best You

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” – Dr. Seuss

Many times I compare myself to others. Not in a jealous way, at least not any more. I often used to get jealous of others but I have overcome that. I do find myself wondering what someone else is doing to be faster, stronger, in better shape or further along in business. I do not think comparison is bad as long as you are using it as a bench mark. I race motorcycles which is a clear comparison of you versus others. It shows me where I am compared to others and where I need to improve.

However, too often I have not been satisfied with my own accomplishments, achievements and success. I may have tackled a large task, finished a race well or even completing school and instead of being proud of what I did, compared myself to others who may have finished ahead or higher than me. I think the hardest thing for me is finding the balance between being proud of what you have done and still being motivated to improve. For me, it is hard to not let a great achievement be overshadowed by what you could have done better. It is the perfectionist in me. For you football fans it would be like a quarterback winning big but only focusing on the few missed passes he threw. Yes, you should always try to improve and fix mistakes but you also have to step back and be proud of what you did right.

I just took a crazy but amazing motorcycle ride from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back. On a portion of the return trip a “road” turned out to be a rocky trail. It was tough, tiring and honestly a bit scary at times. I struggled and had to go slow. At one point where my friends had stopped to wait I apologized for my slow pace. They are both better riders and also on bikes a bit better for the situation. I was frustrated by going so slow and also crashing for the second time. They both told me to take back the apology and said I was doing a great job of just making it down the road. I was so frustrated by being behind by such a distance I was not recognizing what an accomplishment it was to still be going. At that point I started to enjoy my slow pace and be happy I was riding and getting it done.

I may not be the fastest rider, the strongest in the gym or even have 6 pack abs but I am a better version of myself than before. I have learned to push myself beyond my comfort zone and try new things. I still have room to grow and skills to improve but I am out there trying hard and finishing the task at hand. So go out there and give your best, learn from your mistakes and if you fall down get up and keep going. I may not be the best at any one activity and just “good” at a lot of things but I am the best at being me.


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Rephrase Your Question

Working with clients we often hear “Why can’t I lose weight?” or “Why can’t I run longer?” In life we often hear “Why don’t I have more money for vacations?” or “Why didn’t I get a bigger raise?” I had even found myself asking “Why am I slow in this section of the track?”

I have been reading more items on how to change your mental focus and outlook. I have been learning how to challenge your mind to propel you forward instead of holding you back. After all, it is often the mind that starts to tell you to stop long before the body needs to. Your brain tells you to slow down, back off, stop at this rep when you know you can do more and push longer.

As I have been studying I have found that the question is not “Why” but “What”. This can apply for so much. When you ask “Why” you externalize the problem. You grant the power to forces outside yourself. Asking “What” internalizes it and forces you to take responsibility and find the solution. For example, “What can I do to lose weight?” or “What can I do different to be faster in this section?” “Why”, to be honest, seems like more of a plea or almost just a statement of frustration. “What” forces an answer, analysis and taking steps to find a solution.

I do not have all the answers to even my own questions, struggles, mistakes or set backs but I am working to find them. I have found the formula for many things and enjoy helping others find their way along their journey. It sometimes helps to have someone else asking you questions to help the thought process along. If I can help just one person hit a goal or get through a plateau then I am very happy.

This year I chased a dream of racing Supermoto. I have had some success, improved considerably but still not where I want to be. Early on I asked “Why” a lot. Every time I asked it actually led to me discovering “what” I was doing wrong or not doing at all. I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and ask the right question to improve.  

What can we do to help you improve? What are your goals, dreams and targets to hit in the future? How are you going to get there and what are you doing each day to make them happen?

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Getting out of your comfort zone is hard to do

When Nate and I first started this journey I had quite a few hesitations. The first hesitation was with working out. I have never really enjoyed working out and was concerned about spending meaningless time in the gym. One of the great things about Bird Rock Fit is that classes where there is an instructor whom does the thinking for you and tells you what to do. So once I got going in there and started noticing change it was a lot easier to keep it up. The next hesitation was with the diet. Nate wanted to improve on our diet and I just thought everything was going to taste yucky or bland. Once we started making the changes though we found that everything was really delicious. Getting over that hurdle brought more physical changes plus I felt healthier. The last hesitation was when we decided to start up with Advocare.  I thought I would be bothering people and trying to sell them things that they didn't necessarily want or need. I never wanted to be that kind of person and certainly did not want to come off as "pushy".

At first I didn't really have anything to do with the sale of any products due to that hesitation I was speaking of earlier. We started trying the products and found that many of them were helping us to further reach our fitness goals. We also noticed how much better we were feeling due to the high quality of the products we were taking. If these products were helping us so much and were something we found to be superior to other products on the market, shouldn't they pretty much sell themselves?!

Now I find it easier to simply talk to people about the products. These products speak for themselves. We simply have the task of getting the product to the people so they can see for themselves how good they work. If we can help someone find the right product for them or help them reach their goals through workouts or nutrition, we in turn feel good about ourselves! It is a good feeling helping others and Advocare helps us to do that. I by no means know everything there is to know and learn new things every day. The  more I learn and discover makes it easier to step out of my comfort zone and tell people about these products as well as the business opportunity. I know I have a long way to go but I am getting there! Thank God for a partner who is extremely comfortable getting out there and talking to people! Otherwise I am sure we wouldn't be where we are today! It's all a learning process and exciting to add a different aspect to your personality. If you may be afraid to get going for the same reasons I challenge you to reconsider. It is definitely an experience I am enjoying and learning a lot about myself throughout the process.


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Light At The End of The Tunnel

As some of you may already know, I recently lost my job at the flower shop. We were certainly not prepared or expecting to lose my income and are now faced with adjusting our budget to reflect this big change. Thankfully there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it looks like we will be able to survive. For just over a year now we have been running a side business and this seems like the perfect opportunity to expand and grow our business to take it to the next level . Around the same time, we started with a company called Advocare because we thought it would go hand in hand with what we were trying to do with On Track Wellness

We were definitely hesitant to start at first but after a lot of research by Nate we decided to give it a try. We wanted to make sure we tried the product before we recommended it to our clients. Once we tried a few things, we discovered that we really liked everything and the product was superior to comparable brands. We started off slow and were not seeing much of a profit. It was easy to get discouraged at this point since we had invested quite a bit of our hard earned money on this opportunity. But we didn't give up, just simply pushed harder and started to see some additional income after minimal effort.

We both worked full time at this point and truthfully it was 95% efforts on Nate's part. So he was talking to people during down time at work, at lunch, and after work before I got home, etc. Things started picking up and we were seeing enough extra income each month to make my car payment! Now that I am out of work we see the potential with Advocare even more. We are nowhere near our full potential nor are we putting in the maximum effort required to reach our goals. So now we had to make a conscious decision to go the extra mile and do what it takes to reach our goals. We are thankful that we have another source of income to fill in those holes in the budget, but also know that we are just at the beginning of our journey.

We have heard and seen the stories of others pursuing their dreams with the help of Advocare and we know that it can be a resourceful tool in erasing debt and earning additional income. The stories are inspiring and help you realize your full potential. Without Advocare our situation would be a lot different and I would most likely have to take any job I could get in order to get by. Now I am able to study and work towards gaining certification for nutrition. Just another service we will soon be able to offer our clients. While it was unfortunate that I lost my job, we have to make the most of the situations we are put it. Thanks to Advocare we are going to be just fine. If interested in this awesome business opportunity, please contact us. We want to see others succeed and make some additional money! Who doesn't want that?!!



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Invest in Equipment or Skill?

This past weekend I fulfilled a dream of attending the Rich Oliver Mystery School.  I used to go to a lot of AMA Road Races and while most people hit the pits, concession stand, vendors or the motor home while the 250 races were going I was glued to the fence.  The corner speed those guys carried was awesome.  The bikes had to be totally dialed to go fast and the rider made a huge difference.  Rich Oliver dominated the class for years.  I always enjoyed getting to talk with him at the races.

Getting trained by him directly was amazing.  Many riders do not even think twice about dropping down several hundred dollars for a new exhaust or even thousands for the hottest suspension pieces.  However, they balk at training for themselves.  How much faster is that suspension really going to help a rider who struggles with numerous aspects of riding?

Motorcyclists are not the only culprits.  How many people know a guy who always has the latest driver but duffs it off every tee?  A snowboarder who has a top board but rolls down the mountain?  There are tons of examples of activities where if people spent a little more money on improving their own skill they would be much better and then actually be able to truly use the high-tech stuff.  I am sure Tiger Woods could out drive me with a club made back in the 50s even if I had the latest graphite shaft, over sized head driver.

Many are quick to blame the equipment and rationalize buying the latest gadget thinking that will help them.  They may get marginal improvement that justifies it to themselves but what if they took the time to really learn the technique and craft?

I was told a long time ago that it is way more fun to ride a slow bike fast than trying to ride a fast bike slow.  I have ridden for a lot of years and admit I still am not the fastest rider by a long shot.  Plenty of people riding less time than me can leave me in the dust.  However, I am now focusing on the item that is in the most need for an upgrade.  The rider!  That is where the biggest level of improvement can be made in my game.  I spent the weekend on a 10hp bike and had more fun than I ever had on two wheels.

So before you get tempted by the latest go fast or shoot low tool, ask yourself if spending some money on getting better knowledge may be a better return on investment.

Mystery School


Time for an update on this blog. I originally went in May of 2013. This past weekend (March 2017) I returned for a competition weekend. I had not been on a dirt bike or raced for 3 years. I was nervous, cautious, hesitant, full of doubt and honestly some fear. I realized my biggest fear, what the other riders would thnk of me.

I was very slow to start but with guidance of not just Rich and his whole team but the other riders. I progressed each drill and started moving my threshold further. My time I help the throttle open was longer and I hit the brakes later. Confidence grew and even more skills gained.

By the end of the weekend, I was riding sooth and faster than I ever had. I was not the slowest or last placed rider!! I also had a ton of fun. The key....listening to the coaching, admitting my fears and hesitations and pushing myself well past my comfort zone. That is where I got results. Rih and his team talked with us on pushing ourselves. Getting strong instruction, making the improvements and then how we tend to plateau or drop until we get more instruction and coaching.

That is what we can do for you. Invest in yourself. Invest in the coaching to make the mental shift. Invest in the process to make a true change. Get guidance to break through the ceiling you created and get the next level.

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