Time to Hit the "Reset" Button

News Flash: We are not perfect!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but we're not! This past summer we really fell off the wagon with our workouts and especially our nutrition. I even took a whole month off from the gym which turned out to be a really big mistake! When I went back it was really tough and I had lost a lot of my muscle definiton that I had worked so hard to achieve.

Don't get me wrong, we had a blast this summer and got to do a lot of fun things. We had visitors, went camping, I made a trip to Ohio to visit family and friends, baseball games, beach days, etc. This did not allow much time for the gym and we certainly not eating well and indulging in a lot of beer and wine.

Around Labor Day we decided we needed to do something about our bad ways and started the 24 Day Challenge. This was a good way for us to hit the "reset" button. Along with the 24 Day Challenge we started eating healthy at every meal which meant eating at home for nearly every meal for the length of the challenge. Preparing and eating your meals at home guarantees you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food and it is less expensive. We also made a decision to stop drinking the entire time to further optimize our results.

Speaking of results... We both saw amazing results! In just 24 days! With a little hard work, eating right and the help of the 24 Day Challenge to reset your system, you too can achieve great things.




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Changing Or to And

Several years ago I was working for a company with great benefits and good pay. I also worked with a leading DJ Business that kept me very busy on the weekends and some week nights. It allowed me to make a lot of money and build a good savings. However, I did not have a lot of spare time. It seems that situation is not uncommon.

This summer I have been working for myself as a personal trainer and our Advocare business. While we are blessed to being able to make it with just that we do not have a lot of excess income. What I do have though is a lot of time. I find that is a similar issue for other friends I have. Unfortunately, some people work multiple jobs and have little time or money.

So how do you resolve the issue of having time OR money to having time AND money? Many people I know work multiple jobs which give them, like me previously, ample money but no time. Very successful friends work a ton of hours so again no free time. Many argue if you love your job that time is not as critical. Although, I feel we all love time with friends and family.

Perhaps the key is to have a business that works while you do not? There are numerous out there that do that. You can purchase a franchise, hire managers and allow them to work for you. However, that takes often a significant investment and likely still some considerable time at least at the start.

We have found an avenue that is helping us make money with minimal time investment. Yes, we do still treat it like a business. Yes, we do still put in work and effort and need others to put in effort as well. However, the return on our time investment is continually growing. We have goals and targets in mind and are working to reach them. Not everyone will have the same goals, desires and willingness to put forth effort. That is fine with us. Our goal is to help others reach their desires and in turn have that help us reach ours.

For now, we are at OR but we work each day to moving closer to AND. We are confident in 3-5 years we will be there. And that amount of time is totally acceptable to us.



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Ty Valentine - Featured Athlete of the Month

This month the featured athlete is Ty Valentine. He is full of talent and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

What age did you start racing motocross? I started racing at the young age of 3.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport? Josh Hansen. I like his attitude and natural ability.

What other activities do you enjoy? Camping, hanging out with friends and golfing.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Hawaii

What is your favorite movie? Step Brothers

If you could have a super power what would it be? To be able to jump super high and travel far distances.

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal? Strawberries and nutella.

What is your favorite snack? Blueberry granola

Do you have any special pre competition rituals? Give brother rock and roll rockers and right before gate drops I say a little prayer.

What are your favorite Advocare products and why? Spark because it works without the crash afterwards. I also enjoy the Rehydrate Gel because it lets me ride longer with better endurance.



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Racing Rats is Crazy

I was recently given an opportunity to focus completely on my business On Track Wellness which includes personal training, fitness coaching and being an Advocare distributor. I have a few months to not only put full effort into it but also relax and enjoy the world around me for a change. Rarely do you get a chance to just enjoy a normal day or explore the places around you. I am not taking this for granted.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and our great country allows you to say what you want without persecution. However, it does not mean it is what is best for me even if friends or family have the best intentions. Many people have said I should take any job I can find and go immediately back to work even if I hate the job. I enjoyed many aspects of my previous job but I did not LOVE it. There is also no shortage of people with a strong opinion and negative comments about my desire to train people full time and grow my Advocare business. The words stupid, crazy, immature, irresponsible and out of touch have been used.

While I am focused and determined to grow my business I am not wreck less and looking into a new full time job with a company and position I will enjoy. But just to compare and really put it out there, which process seems more insane?

I am working with a recruiting firm who requires no small amount of money to help me find a position. Networking is key (remember that term) for landing positions as your network can help you get a foot in the door. LinkedIn is a great network tool. The “Job Seeker” level requires $25 a month. It has also been suggested I get my MBA (big dollars) and additional certifications from various organizations (additional fees, time and expenses). Doing all of those items will make me more “marketable” and allow me to “sell” myself better to companies in hopes of landing a job where I HAVE to be there every day 8-5, nobody really works 9-5 anymore, and also answer emails, calls and other requests after hours. This will allow me to get 2-3 weeks of vacation a year and live for the weekends. Thousands of dollars for helping others get wealthy and slave away for 25 or more years. How exciting does that sound?

Now to review the insane idea that is a scam and a scheme. For about 1/8 that expense I can train athletes, help people lose weight, make people feel more confident, bring a smile to someone every day and make a difference in their life. I can devote time and share how for $79 someone can make additional income to use however they need. If they put in the effort get more TIME to do what they want. There are hundreds of people across the US doing this every month. This brings us in a solid amount of income every month. Now that I have more TIME to focus on it we have drastically increased our income. I love having the ability to do what I want during the day and I have never been so relaxed and happy! Does that sound so crazy?

Yes, it is hard work and takes a lot of determination. Yes, I have to tap into my “network” and share my story to people which in turn results in "sales" of products and my services. Interesting, there are those words again. So yeah, I guess I am crazy…



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Target The Same – Timiming May Change

Just a bit over 2 years ago we decided to start On Track Wellness. Our goal was to have me (Nate) get my personal training certificate and Amanda get a certification in Nutrition of some type. We hit those goals. Amanda just got certified through NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am actually due to renew my Personal Training Certificate (CPT) through NASM and since getting that have received my TRX certification and studied some additional tools (muscle release and sprint conditioning).

So, we reached our goal. It did not happen as fast as we wanted but we got it. In May of 2012 we decided to start using Advocare products. We were looking for supplements for our own personal use and confirmed Advocare had not only superior products but the best business model out there. The first 6 months we put little effort into it and just used product. We earned less than $600. Our last paycheck from Advocare was over $600 for one pay period.

We had a dream of a booming business with me training some athletes and Amanda providing recipes and guidance. That is still the goal. It just has not been in the timeline we originally wanted. The thing is, we are fine with that. We are still focused, determined and working towards that goal.

What does this have to do with our clients? Many times people work with us and start with a goal of a certain size or number. They do the 24 Day Challenge, start lifting and want to hit a number. Sometimes it takes longer than they wanted. They continue to progress and improve but maybe not as fast as they wanted. Again, the goal has not changed but is just taking a bit longer.

It would be easy to give up but we will not allow ourselves or our clients to quit when an obstacle gets in the way. We will alter the path and plan and still reach the goal.


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