Henry Ward - Featured Athlete of the Month

We are bringing back Feature Friday by continuing our Athlete of the Month blog spot! This month our athlete is Henry Ward. We met and got to know Henry while he worked at the United States Karate Academy with Nate. We have enjoyed getting to know him and he will be missed once he moves back to Colorado to pursue other opportunities. We wish him all the best and know that he will be successful in his next venture. Enjoy his story! It's a good one! 


What age did you begin in martial arts?

I believe I started first in the kitchen of my family’s home when I was about 7. One of my dad’s drunk employees though it necessary to share the martial arts he had learned in the military with me. If I remember correctly, he had me side kicking over a 5 gallon bucket filled with water haha.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?

My mom, my sponsors… God… Wait no, just kidding. I have to say, as cliché as it sounds, my sensei James Lee. I think that generally, karate is for nerds. James Lee however was a badass. He introduced me to gangster rap at the same time as he taught me the life skills I attribute to my success today. James Lee showed me that martial arts can get you a job AND get you laid.

What other activities do you enjoy?  

I love skiing, skateboarding and surfing. Wait, also hunting, fishing and rock-climbing. AND I love playing guitar, making art, building things and going to see live music.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I love Australia. I would drop every single commitment/responsibility I have if you told me you had a plane ticket to Cairns Australia with my name on it.

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t watch movies… You know that… Since this is for your fancy website I’ll figure something out… Wayne’s World, final answer.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Math power!… Yeah, I really suck at math.

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal?

Rosemary bread toasted golden brown glistened with a layer of German unsalted butter and topped with a thick spread of liverwurst. Tell your friends.

What is your favorite snack?

Dehydrated apple slices dipped in lemon juice… God.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals?

Yep, I put a cup on… Unless I’m feeling reckless.

What are your favorite Advocare products and why?

I like spark. It’s the only Advocare product that you’ve shared with me up to this point. Plus it tasted good and got me wired…


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Staying on the Bandwagon

It is week 17 of the NFL season and many teams have not had the season they expected. As usual many fans will abandon their team and start cheering for another who is winning. It is part of sports. All of a sudden people start cheering for a team that is winning. I have been a life-long 49ers fan. This season did not go like the past few but I am still a fan and always will be.

What does that have to do with health and fitness? Well, many people jump on the health bandwagon at the start of a new year. However, when times get tough, and the path gets a little rocky they jump off because not going and not following the plan is just easier. There are fewer fellow gym and health “fans” as the year goes on.

At the Academy we require a contract. This is because we will commit to your health with you and actually WANT you to come often. That is different than the big box gyms who just want you to sign up and pay. We want you to pledge to come and stay focused on your health long term. Like being a season ticket holder to your team. But you do not get an “offseason” for health and fitness. You have to stay focused even in the valleys and tough weeks.

The final comparison to remember is that it is very rare for a team to show up on day 1 and look as good as they do in the last game regardless if they won it all. If you have taken a break or just starting it will take some time to get into a groove and pattern. You may feel a little off and likely sore but it will get better. Don’t give up if you struggle a little. Don’t stop even if you have a few failures. Teams can still win it all even if they lose the first couple games.

Good luck on your fitness journey and we would love to help in any form. We provide personal training, fitness coaching, on line support and amazing Advocare products to help with weight loss, muscle gain or improvement in performance.

all in

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Things Are Not Always What they Seem

Misconception - a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.

I have been the victim of, seen, heard and had misconceptions of all kinds of topics. My focus on this blog will be the ones that are part of my personal business in fitness, Advocare and martial arts. The Fraternity world is also full of misconceptions, faulty accusations and discrimination and is a huge part of my life but that is for another discussion. Sadly, many misconceptions have a root in some truths, actions or activities of the past. This can make it very hard to change opinions or allow people to be open to any conversation. The goal is then to educate, discuss and share your own personal story and feelings. Misconceptions can change, evolve and flip to the other extreme. The fitness world has some crazy misconceptions such as lifting heavy weights makes you bulky, running is no good for you and the eating any type of fat debate.

I had hesitations and some misconceptions about Advocare when I was first exposed. I had seen people, Amanda included, have bad experiences with multi-level marketing companies. This had us very hesitant to get started in AdvoCare. However, we realized quickly it is not a pyramid… not even close. Another thought is that it is a diet. It is not a diet but a business that sells products to enhance (supplement) your nutrition and exercise plan. Ironically, most who refute it use products identical to what is in the Advocare line. Yes, people earn money and earn more as they increase their team but it is so much more than “getting friends to buy energy drinks”.

Martial Arts is a huge part of my life again and also has misconceptions. Not everyone who learns martial arts wants to fight, defend themselves or be a UFC champ. Not everyone who teaches is an amazing fighter. Martial Arts are about discipline and focus to obtain a black belt and about pushing yourself to achieve your best. It is about integrity and honor. It is about becoming fit and learning about your body. It is about respect and passing along knowledge to others. Yes, there is some violence as well as many great fighters but there is so much more to it than a kick and punch.

I had opinions of Fraternities before I joined that were off base. I had misconceptions of surfers and Californians before moving here. It takes an open mind to have a conversation, learn and share to gain understanding. It still may not be for you but at least you took the time to know more about it.




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Proudly Pinned

Pins have long been a symbol for recognition and a way for people to display accomplishments, awards and levels of achievement. I have pins from the American Motorcycle Association for years of membership, charity runs and trips. However, I am most proud of the pins I have earned from Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity, Inc. and Advocare.

As a member of Phi Sigma Phi I was given my associate member pin. Upon completion of my education period I was given my pin for Active Membership. Upon election as a National Vice President I was given the pin for that position. I was honored to pass that along to another member once I was elected National President. That pin I hold in high regard as it means the membership deemed me worthy to serve in that position. It illustrates my years of service to the Fraternity, dedication to the growth and upholding the ideals and philosophies. It is special from all other pins to signify the position.

In Advocare you can earn additional income by also leading a team and helping others grow their business. Silver is the first pin level. We have continued to achieve that level multiple times since we first qualified. It symbolizes a growing team and translates to additional income for us. Our goal is to have our Advocare pin surrounded by Diamonds. I find it interesting that stones represent significance in my Fraternity and Advocare.

There have been times that I have not worn my pins or shared my involvement and achievement levels. Looking back it was due to my fear of ridicule by others. I allowed others to shame me for achievements that demonstrate I have helped others, worked hard and made a difference in my own life and others. I will no longer hide them. I am proud of what I have achieved and continue to do with each organization. I will proudly display my pins and share my accomplishments.

With both organizations there are many that get involved or become members. Many give a lot of effort initially then that effort lessens over time. Some come back in waves or when times are good. Others join in when those outside bash or flame accusations or the actions of a rare few. Like nearly every group there are bad apples in the bunch but we all know how the saying goes. What I like the most about each is that the amount of time and dedication you give is entirely your choice. It is also directly equates to your return.

My final comparison is that I have made a lengthy list of mistakes in my life. I openly admit to my errors in judgment, bad moves, wrong words and even failures. However, the leaders in both organizations have shown faith in me and confidence that I can correct mistakes, learn and continue to develop myself as a leader. Many of the people I look up to most and seek advice from in various aspects of my life are involved in either Phi Sigma Phi or Advocare. Those organizations are what brought them into my life. There are some that are part of both. I have also found the closer I stick to the ideals, philosophies and teachings by each group, the better my life is. I look forward to many more years of involvement with both groups. Luckily, the more successful I am with Advocare, the more time and dedication I can give to Phi Sigma Phi which has always been a huge goal and desire of mine.


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Time to Hit the "Reset" Button

News Flash: We are not perfect!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but we're not! This past summer we really fell off the wagon with our workouts and especially our nutrition. I even took a whole month off from the gym which turned out to be a really big mistake! When I went back it was really tough and I had lost a lot of my muscle definiton that I had worked so hard to achieve.

Don't get me wrong, we had a blast this summer and got to do a lot of fun things. We had visitors, went camping, I made a trip to Ohio to visit family and friends, baseball games, beach days, etc. This did not allow much time for the gym and we certainly not eating well and indulging in a lot of beer and wine.

Around Labor Day we decided we needed to do something about our bad ways and started the 24 Day Challenge. This was a good way for us to hit the "reset" button. Along with the 24 Day Challenge we started eating healthy at every meal which meant eating at home for nearly every meal for the length of the challenge. Preparing and eating your meals at home guarantees you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food and it is less expensive. We also made a decision to stop drinking the entire time to further optimize our results.

Speaking of results... We both saw amazing results! In just 24 days! With a little hard work, eating right and the help of the 24 Day Challenge to reset your system, you too can achieve great things.




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