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We follow a lot of fitness professionals and companies but we were lucky to come across Brittney Hogan who owns Virago Fitness. We feel people enter your life for a reason and we are excited for some of the ideas we are already working on together. Below is some background on Virago Fitness, Brittney's comments and her amazing story. We didn't meet in person until the KUSI event and we had a great time!!

From Brittney via Virago Fitness:

Virago Fitness and On Track Wellness are teaming up to bring San Diego some sweat worthy classes and events! Brittney Hogan (owner of Virago Fitness) met Nate Church of On Track Wellness last week when he agreed to host a Free Boot Camp for the filming of KUSI's Breaking Away award segment featuring Virago. Nate invited Brittney to join one of his many Karate Body Fitness classes held at the United States Karate Academy in Point Loma. After the class, they got to talking and found that both of their goals in fitness is to help others. Virago Fitness and On Track Wellness are excited to see what the future holds for their companies and their members.

Virago Fitness highlight and award from KUSI:

KUSI San Diego News

awarded Virago Fitness with the "Breaking Away Award of Excellence" last week! 
KUSI and Torrey Pines Bank have teamed up to honor exceptional citizens or businesses for their Breaking Away Award of Excellence. Nominees are those who "Break Away" from the pack and through necessity or vision have made amazing contributions to their community.


This week KUSI and Torrey Pines Bank honors Brittney Hogan and Virago Fitness with the Breaking Away Award of Excellence. Virago, meaning an extremely strong, spirited woman, or female warrior, was established in 2014, by a surviving spouse of a fallen United States Marine. Brittney's late husband, Hunter Hogan, was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2012. After a sad journey and trying to find her way, Brittney found fitness as a healthy way to escape and cope with the big change in her life, and soon realized that she could help others going through the same sort of things.

When speaking to her mom about Brittney’s entrepreneurial spirit and her relationship with Hunter, she said, “I’ve always said that Brittney is kind of an amazing person who lights up the room 15 minutes before she gets there. The two of them were basically best friends with everyone they met because they cared so much about others, more than themselves. And Hunter was a huge part of our lives, a part of the family. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever gone through.”

When I asked how she felt knowing how successful her 25-year-old daughter has become in just a year, she responded with, “I’m not surprised at all, I was a single mom and was running a women’s magazine when the girls were younger. They always helped me, especially Brittney, 17 at the time, would take charge of things and people talking to her on the phone from across the country had no idea they were talking to a kid.” It’s that hard-working and caring spirit that brought Brittney here and we thank her and her support system for the amazing things they do.

Team Virago is a free-to-join group of fitness enthusiasts who get together for weekly runs in San Diego and for fun outdoor fitness activities once a month, like their most recent, paddle-boarding and mimosas. Not only has Britney provided Virago Fitness activities for like-minded people and those dealing with post-traumatic growth, but she also sells “cute and classy” fitness merchandise, such as shirts, shorts, pants, water bottles, backpacks, and her brand new athletic shoe line for men and women. You can shop these affordable styles and read Brittney's blog at

Virago Fitness gives a portion of their proceeds to the H.D. Hogan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship Fund, a foundation started by Brittney and Hunter’s father, Steve Hogan, that awards High School Seniors college rodeo scholarships. Virago also gives a portion of their proceeds to the USO, a non-profit organization that assists troops serving in combat, their families, our wounded warriors and their families, and families of the fallen. The USO was a tremendous help to Brittney and her family after her husband's death, and she is forever grateful. 

Please Like Virago Fitness on Facebook, and/or follow them on Instagram and Twitter for updates. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining the team or helping put her shoe line on the market, contact Brittney at Brittney and her team are more than deserving of this award for helping unite a community to channel their struggles into strength to become a better version themselves.


Here is Brittney with Nate and our new On Track Wellness Team Member Desmond Field after the Karate Body Fitness Class.

Virago OTW

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Nathan Church - Featured Athlete of the Month

This month's featured athlete is our very own, Nathan Church! Whatever sport or activity he is participating in, he always gives it his all and his very best. He has a lot of heart, determination, dedication and the spirit of a champion. He is a fighter and NEVER gives up. I could go on and on about his many great qualities!  He is following his dreams and helping others along the way. 

What age did you begin martial arts?

I started at 17 when I was a senior in high school. Being able to afford training was not easy or with the time I spent playing soccer up until then.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?

I actually have a lot. My first instructor, Greg Morgan is probably the biggest one. He does not physically appear to be what you envision as a Martial Arts Master but he has great ability and taught students how to use their talents to win. Mostly anyone who does not allow others to limit them and pushes themselves past what they ever thought they could do.

What other activities do you enjoy?  

Hiking, motorcycles, surfing, motorcycles, skiing, motorcycles, running, racing motorcycles, outdoor activities and did I say motorcycles.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I do not have a set spot. I really want to go to Hawaii but I also want to go back to Ireland and spend more time there.

What is your favorite movie?

I have a revolving top 5 based on my mood and genre. If I was forced to pick one…..Gladiator.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I think time travel so you could go back and answer all those mysteries or even just observe. Maybe get to joust in an old school medieval battle.

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal?

Luckily I am married to an awesome cook and our healthy meals are awesome. But one meal I would splurge on if given the chance, my Mom’s stuffed shells and chocolate cake for dessert.

What is your favorite snack?

I am known to eat Peanut Butter right from the jar but love my Advocare Db9 bars also.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals?

I am over the top OCD. Motorcycle racing was ridiculous and soccer was bad also. Martial arts is no different. I always have to put on my gear in certain order for any sport. I also always have to do a few big neck rolls.

What are your favorite Advocare products and why? 

All of the above! I love my Advocare products. Spark and Rehydrate are daily musts. Now working long days MNSe. I love BioCharge with lunch every day. Mass Impact on workout days makes a huge difference. And when I need to go full Beast Mode….Muscle Fuel. All the products help me stay focused, energized, recover faster and in the best shape I have ever been. I wish I knew about them back when I first was doing tournaments and went to Ireland.

nate kick

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Steve Alkyer - Supermoto Racer

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Meet Steve Alkyer our latest featured athlete. We met Steve racing and riding Supermoto. He is a super nice guy, fast racer and fellow Buckeye!


What age did you start racing motorcycles? If I remember correctly, I was 12 or 13.  I raced BMX and loved the adrenaline of competition.  I didn't start racing motorcycles until much later though, like 30ish.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport? It's hard to pick just one.  I'm inspired by anyone who gets out there and pushes hard.  It drives me to be better.

What other activities do you enjoy? Lately there doesn't seem to be much outside of racing between maintenance on my bikes, practice days, travel to and from national rounds and so on.  When I don't have my hands full with those things, and even when I do, my outside activities revolve around my 7 year old son; I do my best to make sure we're getting out and doing new things often.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? I'm lucky enough to live in an awesome area of Southern California, literally across the street from the beach, so most days are like living in a vacation spot.  The last non-race vacation I took that I really enjoyed though was Costa Rica.  There are definitely plans to return.

What is your favorite movie? Forrest Gump, hands down.

If you could have a super power what would it be? I guess I'd want to be able to fly.  You know, like Iron Man or Thor or...all the other superheroes that fly.  I think the ability to fly would be cool.

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal? I hate to say it but I don't have a rigid diet, when I'm competing or otherwise, so I don't really think much about cheat/reward meals .I do have to watch myself around a box of Golden Graham's though.

What is your favorite snack? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches seem to be my go to when running from one place to the next.  Quick, easy and handheld.  It's perfect.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals? I don't have any pre-race rituals per se, but I do try to stay calm and focus on my breathing.  Before I go out though, I do kneel next to my bike and take a minute to center myself and remember why I'm there.

What are your favorite Advocare products and why? I start every morning with a Spark.  It gives me that kickstart I need first thing in the morning.  On race days, the Rehydrate Gels are essential.  They not only keep me hydrated but they give a bit of a pick me up before I head out on the track.

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In The Black

We have been growing our Advocare business for over 3 years. We did not think of it too much of a business in the first few months but as we started to earn income that changed. After our first 9 months we consistently made enough to cover what we used so we saw that as a success. Now we not only cover that but we make a decent income. Some months more than others but I now very few people who would not happily take $150, $300, $800 or more in income a month
Almost two years ago Amanda lost her job and struggled to find a new one. She focused on growing our business and at times it replaced her income. During that time we made a few decisions that were not the best. We took some trips, still went racing and continued to grow the business honestly as a side hobby. We did not take it serious enough overall. We had no sense of urgency. It was still just plan B and a back up.
A year ago I found myself no longer in the corporate world. I was confident I would easily find a position. After a couple months, hiring “career counselors” and numerous in depth interviews I was still on my own. That put us really against the wall. We now had a sense of urgency. We luckily had a back up plan that now was THE plan.
I have written before how once we “went all in with no safety wire” we started to see success. We gained clients and my new program grew. We obviously were making money, cutting costs but still “in the red”. We needed time to grow, as all businesses do but were rapidly running out of resources. One thing we have always done as a team is stay supportive and confident we would make it.
Around a month ago Amanda landed a job as a baker. She loves to bake and while the job is long hours she really enjoys it. My program also continues to grow and along with that Advocare grows also. With our hard work, dedication, perseverance, creativity, focus and better decisions we finally got “in the black”. I have always felt selling items you already own is no way to build wealth. It is a short term solution to a larger problem. Our positive flow does not take into count that I did sell my race bike recently. I did not sell it to get cash although we are using it to rebound. I saw it as selling a tool that was just sitting in my garage. I have no time to use it right now. Yet, that serves as great motivation.
For us and many in Advocare the business is not just about the income. It is about creating time. It is about helping others get fit and giving them more freedom. It is not about selling vitamins and supplements. It is about sharing an opportunity for something different and a better life on your terms. Selling my race bike was hard. It was hard because I do not have time to ride. I could buy a trail bike but I do not have time to ride one of those either. I am finally making it in my business but I work a lot of hours. I am “in the red” in time. I have no free time to enjoy many hobbies I love.
How do I solve that deficit? By continuing to grow my business and get farther in the black and recovered from our 2 year battle so I can then take time without worrying about the financial impact of not working a few days.
Dedication pays off. Don’t give up. You can get there.
FB IMG 1433260451666
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Earnest Wilson - Athlete of the Month

Meet Earnest. He is one of Nate's fraternity brothers as well as a fellow AdvoCare distributor on our awesome team of champions. He has seen a lot of success since beginning his journey with AdvoCare and On Track Wellness. Check out a small part of his story here. 

What age did you begin bowling? 

I started bowling at age 6.  My dad was into bowling and horseshoes so it gave me more time to spend with him.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?

My biggest inspiration in bowling would have to be my dad.  He took me to the alley every Saturday morning for league and drove all over the map for tournaments.

What other activities do you enjoy?  

I enjoy any activity that gives me opportunity  to spend time with my wife.   I also love baseball and biking.   Just recently started doing mini triathlons.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I don't think I have one in particular.   My vacations tend to center around family time and fraternity brother weddings.   Lol.

What is your favorite movie?

I am not really a big movie guy. I guess I would say Full Metal Jacket. I also love Animal House.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

If I could have a super power it would be to never lose at anything.   I hate losing.   I often spend a week trying to figure out what u could have done differently to win.

What would be your choice for a reward or cheat meal?

Cheat meal?  Anything Italian.

What is your favorite snack?

Favorite snack right now is mandarin oranges.

Do you have any special pre competition rituals?

I am extremely superstitious.   I have a lot of pre competition rituals.  Most important I try to completely clear my mind.  I often don't talk to anyone for at least 10 minutes before event.

What are your favorite AdvoCare products and why?

I love all the products I have tried.   Spark is my go to.   I also love O2gold.  Before bowling I drink a spark and have 2 O2gold pills.  First time I did this I bowled my first 800 series.   I started using products before bowling last year.  I shot my first 800 series last year.   I also shot 290 with 11 strikes in a row last year.   This year I shot my first 300 game and several 700 series.  Finished the season with a 213 average.

These are all awards that Earnest has received since beginning to use Spark and O2 Gold.


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