Food Is Just Fuel

Your body is a machine. That machine requires fuel. The difficult task for many is giving it the proper fuel. Not all fuel is equal and the same and your machine will run differently based on the choice you make. This holds true if you give it too much fuel, too little fuel or poor quality fuel. Many never see how well their machine can truly perform. Each machine is also unique so it takes focus, dedication and support to find the correct formula.

The human body is also a unique machine as emotions factor into the performance of it. A high performance car will not change how it runs based on the mood. It also does not feel guilty for taking on more fuel. This is where many struggle and suffer in their nutrition. While we need to make healthy choices and fuel that will power us based on our goals, there is nothing wrong with rewards or treats. If you keep the fuel theme going it can be guilt free.

Did you crush workouts all week? Did you hit your goal intake every meal, stay active and hydrated? If all your goals and targets were met and you still have room in the plan for calories, macros then go for it. And even then, when you do amazing then give yourself a high five and enjoy! You just can’t do it every day. If you are working your body hard it needs fuel. I have personally held off on eating because I “thought” I had been eating too much. I was afraid of carbs and avoiding them. In turn, my body and energy were suffering. I was depriving it of fuel!

There is an ocean of information, techniques, tips, advice and methods for fueling your body correctly. Family, friends, coworkers and gym buddies will offer help also. Just understand your needs will be individual. Do not be afraid to experiment and try techniques to find yours. Investing in yourself and your health is worth it to find that formula.

Stay fueled!!

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Excuses… Let’s just take a moment to talk about these. We all have excuses and most likely use them on a daily basis. Now when it comes to our fitness, health and nutrition these stupid excuses can really hinder our progress. There have been so many mornings that I found any and every excuse in the book to skip a workout. All because I was tired, feeling lazy or simply did not want to do it. Here’s the kicker… on those days I don’t feel like going to the gym and I suck it up and just go, I always feel better afterwards.

While we are sympathetic to our client’s feelings and understand that things come up we also want you to understand how excuses can prevent you from reaching your goals. You have to put in the work, time and effort. If you are truly interested in breaking through that plateau, losing some extra weight, gaining muscle or whatever your goal may be we can help. We are looking for dedicated, focused individuals who are ready to put the excuses aside and do the WORK!

If this sounds like you contact us TODAY!!


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Your Biggest Enemy in Progress

I wrote another blog recently on how important coaches and mentors are to success. I was raised to be very independent. I was taught to solve problems yourself and take care of yourself as much as possible. I highly value those skills and proud of those traits.

However, I also understand great coaches and mentors can help you gain success even faster and help you through tough times. While I am very independent, there have been family, friends, coaches and teachers who helped me reach the next level. Without them, it would have been either impossible or an extremely slow and painful process.

So what is the enemy as the title suggests? The enemy is your ego and fear. I am a proud person who knows he can find the answer. However, why not allow those who have faced similar problems help me along my path? An outside eye and viewpoint is a huge advantage. Your vision can only see so much and a great coach will see the big picture and help you create your plan. Having someone help does not hurt your ego. Especially when that person wants to help and does it as a profession.

Fear goes right along with ego. Many people fear giving up control to someone else. They let their ego shield them from being open and honest. We fear the truth a coach may reveal or call us on. This truth could fracture our ego. We will hear our excuses and the stories we tell ourselves for the farce they really are. We have to be open and raw to grown and heal. Fear and ego prevent that. So in turn, your greatest potential is limited.

So open yourself and let down your guard. Work with someone who sees your vision and will help you along your path. We have seen so many people achieve great things in our few years. We can not wait to hear your goals, dreams, desires and vision. Contact us to formulate a plan and the steps to execute it.

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5% is The Glory

Surfing is a perfect parallel to success

When I moved to California I was looking forward to learning to surf more than anything. I quickly discovered it is one of the hardest sports to not only learn but for sure be proficient at. Like many things, the great ones make it look effortless. I had no idea how much work and energy it took just to get out to even try and catch a wave.

I got frustrated quickly. Conditions are always changing, they are rarely perfect, there is a lot of competition for the good spots, you take a LOT of tumbles and can get beat down hard by the waves. Your timing has to be nearly perfect and balance is key. There is also not a lot of ways others can help you. You have to paddle for yourself, stand on your own and go for it on the drop. It is all very daunting but when you catch that wave and glide along it is an amazing feeling.

Many, including myself multiple times, have given up on trying since “there is a ton of work for just a short period of glory and fun”. However, that is the exact nature of life and business. You have to work and push 95% of the time through numbing effort and often pain to get that flash of glory. Champion athletes know it as well as the ultra-successful business owners. Many people applaud the brief victory and we see images of those ripping a great wave or standing on the podium. However, few to none watch the hours swimming laps, throwing weights, watching film, studying and pouring over data. This is where success comes from.

So, is it a lot of work for a short wave ride? Yes. Have I started getting back in the water? Again, yes but not as much as I would like. I am working on that "balance" in my life. I know now it was my frustration and excuses keeping me from riding the waves. I am no longer allowing that in or out of the water. I am willing to scratch hard to get out past the crashing waves to ride to success.

I hope you join me in the water. It truly is an amazing place.



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Make a Mistake

Make a Mistake

I have always strived for perfection. I still do. One thing I have discovered is in the past the fear of failing, making a mistake and not being “perfect” held me back. I now see times I took the easier path, the near solid win. That does not give me or anyone else the best route to growth and true potential. My decision to move to San Diego was one of my first big risks.

When I raced supermoto my close friend always told me I rode too “safe”. I was afraid to crash. Not so much for injury, although that was a big concern of mine but more fear in damage to the bike. I was afraid to break a crucial part and not race later or honestly fall down and have people laugh. I watch pros and notice they actually fall down a lot. That is what it takes to find the edge. A very successful pro racer once told me you have to go past the edge in racing to find the limit. I know better finishes could have happened had I not been afraid to crash.

The same in in Ju Jitsu, when I grapple I play defensive. I wait for a mistake or opening. I see opportunities but instead I rely on stamina to tire out an opponent. No need to risk getting caught myself, or so I justify. I see now though that if I made a move I could end the match quickly and save myself energy. It is a lesson I work regularly now. Moving in and possibly getting caught is a great way to learn.

In order to be successful in business you have to have the same attitude. In the corporate world working for someone else often mistakes are so frowned upon, even simple ones it causes paralysis. It breeds fear to move or make decisions that it may not work. The greatest business leaders and minds will tell you mistakes are key for learning and growth. That is why we experiment with classes, movement series, times and our own nutrition formula. Playing with the variables is the only way to change the outcome of the equation.

So go out and fall down, risk getting choked out, take a wrong step. You never know when that mistake may reveal the correct path and decision.


OTW Equation

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