5 Fat Facts About Fat

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5 Facts that you need to know to meal prep for weight loss.

Don't Fear Fat

Too many people fear fat and do not have the proper facts. Fat is
necessary. Not only does the body need fat on it to survive but you
need fat in your diet for proper nutrition. Maybe they should have
called the essential fat in your diet (an oily substance in liquid or
solid form in food) a different name than the excess fat on your
stomach or body (the soft flesh on the bodies of animals that helps
keep the body warm and is stored for energy).
The body uses fat as a fuel source and is the major storage form of
energy in the body. When we eat and exercise correctly and
efficiently, our body burns fat effectively to fuel us. Taking the
time for proper meal prep with the right balance of nutrients will
help you succeed in your fitness goals and weight loss. Having a
professional prepare and deliver your meals to you eases the burden.
Let someone else do the tough work! You can just eat and enjoy.

Here are 5 Fat Facts on Fat to Help You Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Everyone knows Vitamin-A , Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K are
essential. You must include those vitamins in your nutrition meal
plan. However, these are all Fat Soluble Vitamins. The body cannot
even absorb them without fat! That means no fat - no Vitamin-A (or
D,E,K)! For proper weight loss management, add tuna or salmon as the
lean protein in your meal prep planning. Combining the lean protein
with squash, leafy greens and tropical fruit will provide a meal full
of vitamins and healthy fat. This effective meal prep plan for weight
loss will allow for vitamin absorption, correct fat content and
achieve nutritional goals!

Healthy fats can prevent weight gain. Studies show keeping your
nutrition balanced with proper essential healthy fats can prevent
excess weight gain. So yes, the right fat fights the wrong fat! Are we
saying eat the right fat to lose weight? YES! So, create an effective
meal prep plan for your workouts on Sunday to prepare a well planned
program for weight loss and health. To help increase weight loss,
create a meal plan that includes a total of 31-54 grams of healthy fat
from various sources. Variety prevents boredom and keeps you balanced
in nutrition. Stuck on recipes? Contact a professional meal prep
service to help!

Fats pack a punch!! Fat contains 9 calories per gram. That is way more
than any other nutrient. You can pack more energy with a few healthy
fats. A meal prep plan that includes a breakfast with correct healthy
fats can energize you for the day. Add whole eggs and cheese as a
source of essential fat in your meal prep plan to help promote weight
loss. Proper planning is the key and timing your nutrients through the
day leads to greater success! Obviously too much fat can add weight
but excess calories from any source (protein or carbs) will create
weight gain. That is why proper meal planning and prepping with exact
serving sizes is so important. Use that concentrated energy for a fat
blasting workout and gain lean muscle.

Fat and happy!! Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help some emotional disorders.
Studies have shown they can assist with depression. Add salmon and
walnuts in your meal prep plan to be happy while you are transforming
your body! Or use a professional meal prep service! Don't Worry Be

Cushion, insulate and glow!! Fat is needed on the body to cushion
organs as well as insulate the body. Zero fat is impossible and
unhealthy. Some fat is needed even for top athletes. Essential fats
also help promote healthy skin. No wonder those smart Meal Prep Sunday
San Diego Chefs include peanut butter and yogurt on the menu. They all
have nice skin for a reason!! Proper pairing of foods and a solid meal
prep plan is key to successful weight loss goals! Fat can be scary and
confusing. Trusting the professionals is a great way to get all the
nutrients you need in great tasting meals.

Goals require a plan. Your health requires correct nutrition and a
meal prep plan is an essential step. Guidance, support and structure
helps people in various areas of life. It is easy to drift off course
and start getting excess fat (or other nutrients). Professionals keep
you on course and support you to achieve your goals. Struggling to
maintain or boost weight loss? Then create an effective meal prep plan
based on your needs, goals and activity.
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Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving...

turkeyrun new 2

Let’s talk about turkey! Turkey meat has replaced beef in quite a few of our meals. Turkey meat is leaner than ground beef so it obviously has less fat and grease making it a healthier option for your meals. Now let’s talk about my love affair with a certain brand of turkey products, Jennie-O! Everything they have is so good and they have so many options aside from just ground turkey.

The first meal we tried ground turkey was with our tacos. We really enjoy tacos at our house (who doesn’t!) and it is a quick and easy meal option. An even easier option is the taco seasoned Jennie-O ground turkey. It is pre-seasoned so all you have to do is throw it in the pan and cook it up! Most times I do not even have to drain the meat because there is so little grease in the pan. I typically make my own taco seasoning but there are times when I am low on time so it is just easier to buy the pre-seasoned meat. Turns out we really liked the switch and actually prefer turkey tacos over the beef!

The next meal we tried with the ground turkey was chili. I was super hesitant to try this one. My Dad always makes the best chili (I think I do a pretty good job as well!) and I didn’t want to screw up the flavors that I know and love. So, with hesitation we tried turkey meat in our chili! To tell the truth we didn’t even notice a difference!

Lastly, we made pasta with meat sauce using turkey instead of ground beef. We don’t eat a lot of pasta unless it is gluten free or the kind with a full serving of vegetables. Side note: Costco carries a really good quinoa pasta for a healthier option than traditional pasta. Anyway, I typically season the turkey with Italian seasoning, cook it up and then mix it in with the pasta sauce. Again, there is no need to drain the meat since it is so lean. Jennie-O also makes an Italian seasoned ground turkey option. I for some reason do not like something they put in their seasoning so I usually just season it myself but at least it’s out there if you want it. This just like all the other meals tasted delicious with the ground turkey and is one that we will not be going back to beef!

jennie o


One other thing I love about Jennie-O is that they have a nice variety of other turkey products. We really enjoy the turkey burgers as well as the turkey kielbasa. I used to buy another brand of beef kielbasa but now having the Jennie-O kind I will never go back! It is honestly so much better tasting and better for you! I encourage you to make the switch, or at least try it! Once you go turkey you’ll never go back!

Thanks for reading! Cheers to health, wealth and happiness.

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Bow Ties Make the Man?

Hey All!

  I am sure you are all wondering what bow ties have to do with health and fitness... Well, the truth is nothing really. Not all of my blogs will be about health and fitness. In this edition I want to tell you about a product that I love! About 1 year ago I discovered Barky Bows which sells bow ties for your pet! 

This obsession of mine all started with a Batman bow tie I saw on InstaGram. Nate just happens to love all things Batman so I knew we had to have it. And let's face it, our dog's name is Rico Suave... it completes the look!



From this moment on, I was hooked! He just looks so handsome in these bow ties. Barky Bows has ties for every occasion and what's even better is that they are affordable. They currently have a sale for 30% off as well as a sale for 3 bow ties of your choice for just $20!  They have a great selection that seems to expand often. They are also really easy to put on. On the back of the bow tie there is a little elastic piece that slips right onto the collar.  Recently they had a promotion for a custom bow tie which we knew Rico Suave needed! You will see his custom bow tie pictured below as well as 3 I bought when they had a Cyber Monday sale.

bow tie


valentine rico

Every step of the way Barky Bows has been so great and easy to order with. Whenever I order I always receive my order within a few days. It may be too late to order for Christmas but they seriously have bow ties for every occasion and I have no doubt that you will be able to find at least one for your fur baby! Please be sure to check them out. I guarantee you will love them as much as we do!



Rico already has quite the collection because he is a very spoiled dog but he is like our child so it is only natural that he is so well taken care of! That's all for today! Happy Holidays and cheers to health, wealth and happiness!

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Cheers to health, wealth & happiness!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cheers To A Healthy and Happy Life! I wanted to start this blog as an outlet to talk about my struggles and experiences as well as happy and/or funny moments. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle so I will include recipes that I have tried (good or bad) what I like, what I don’t like, products I use and love as well as products I don’t care for. You will also see pictures and stories about my life and more importantly… Rico Suave! For this first blog post I would like to take the time to tell you all a little about myself so you can get to know me and see the type of content that will be included in this and other blog posts to follow.


For the basic information: my name is Amanda. I am 34 years old, although I still feel like I should be twenty- something! It is hard to come to terms with the fact that you are not only 30 but that you are IN your 30’s! Almost half way to 40! Anyway, I have been happily married for 8 years now to my best friend Nate. Soon after we got married we moved to San Diego, California and have lived here for those 8 years as well. I currently work at a bakery doing various jobs including baking. Nate is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, business owner as well as a martial arts instructor. About 4 years ago we got our baby, a golden retriever/corgi mix (we think) from Puerto Rico. As a nod to where he came from we decided to name him Rico. Little did we know, he would live up to the name Rico Suave!

wedding2  wedding1

rico suave  rico camping


After moving here and getting married I slowly began to put on some significant weight but did not notice it right away. Looking back on old pictures it is hard to believe I let it get that bad. ­­I knew I had to do something about it but was unsure where to begin. Luckily, Nate has always been a motivating force pushing me to start and helping me to continue on this journey as well as encouraging me to reach for the next level. So I started by taking a small step and going to the gym for regular workouts. Let me start off by saying, I have never been the gym or work out type of person. The idea of going to the gym to work out just did not appeal to me and it was never something I had to do in the past. Growing up I never really played sports and didn’t have to worry about my weight so this was all very foreign to me and a bit intimidating. Thank goodness for group fitness classes and the 30 minute workout model because I just couldn’t see spending hours of my day at the gym. I would have gave up on that real quick! These 30 minute, high intensity workouts were a perfect starting point for me. The more I went to the classes the more I liked it and realized that I was starting to see some changes in myself. I was really only working out 2 hours or less per week and seeing some great results.

The next step was the diet. This one I really struggled with at first. Nate approached me about taking our fitness journey to the next level by cleaning up our diet. I was almost immediately against the idea because I was convinced that everything healthy and good for you would taste awful and bland. I think I imagined having to eat chicken, rice and vegetables every day or something very boring. I was very wrong in this assumption because we were able to find some really great recipes that were anything but bland and boring. Once the diet was under control the weight really started to come off. Over the course of 2 years or so I was able to drop 40 pounds and start my path to a healthy life.


This journey has not always been easy and I still have struggles and low points. It is important to keep going even if you have some setbacks and failure. We should always be evolving and improving in all areas of our lives. I hope that you will join me on this journey called life whether it be through fitness or through my words and stories. Cheers to health, wealth and happiness. Thanks for reading!

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Find Your Motivation

Find Your Motivation

We all know we need to eat right, workout and take care of ourselves. We know we need to work hard at our jobs and focus on tasks. The problem is we often lose our motivation. Ask yourself, why am I working so hard? What am I preparing for? Why do I need to be strong?

Do you want to be able to dance away at your kids wedding? Do you want to be able to play with grandkids? Do you want to continue to run, ride, surf or hike well into old age? Do you want to travel the world for years?

What is truly driving you? What is pushing you forward? Write it down somewhere you can see it. Keep that in mind every time you think of skipping that workout. Also, check out this video we posted in finding your motivation through the tough parts.

Find Your Motivation!

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