Donna Elrod

My story begins with Nate & Amanda, without which this story would not be possible. It all began after a coworker had been to visit Nate during a sales call on the West coast. I knew Nate but only through our work. My coworker told me all about Nate’s new adventure and how he had toned up since her last visit. It was then that I decided to contact Nate for my personal needs to become more fit.

I am an active 50+ year old woman and felt that I was not as fit as I needed to be. I do an annual kayak trip (23 miles) down the Suwanee River with friends every spring. This was to be our 3rd trip and I wanted to be in tip top shape.

Nate started me on a workout and introduced me to the world of Advocare products. Since I began working with Nate for 8 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs. and 2 ½ inches off my waistline while toning up significantly. Energy has been restored to my life and I feel better than I have in years! With this exciting journey, I have also become an Advocare distributor in hope of continuing my journey and helping others begin theirs. On track wellness with Nate & Amanda ROCKS!!

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Brandon Green - Motorcross Racer - College Student

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My whole life I have been pretty active from playing basketball, football, and baseball while I was young. Then in high school I started racing motocross on top of all the traditional team sports so I stayed in decent shape. When I got to college I kept after it for the first few years on my own but after a few years it became harder to motivate myself and keep after it. Then in my final year in undergrad and first semester of Grad school I had quit working out and gained a lot of weight. When I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to do something I weighed 245 pounds and was in the worst shape of my life! So in December I told Nate that I needed help to get back in shape for the upcoming motocross season as well as get healthier. He designed me a workout routine that was built just for me to reach my goals. He also helped me get my diet on track and introduced me to Advocare products. I took the Advocare 24 day challenge and lost 12 pounds in 24 days and I use other Advocare Spark energy drink and Advocare Rehydrate daily now. After 2 and a half months working with Nate I have lost 21 pounds and I feel so much better. I have more energy and it’s easier to get out of bed every morning. I feel so much better and my clothes fit so much better. I also feel better on the bike and can tell that my fitness levels are better. I am able to ride at a higher pace for longer times. I look forward to seeing how this translates into results on the motocross track when the racing season starts to get here. I also look forward to continue working with Nate and losing the next 20 pounds!!!!

Here is an update on Brandon since we posted his story.  As of September 2013 he is down over 50 pounds and had a great race season!

Open B and Collegeboy 2013 Champion in The Mountaineer MX Park West Virginia State Series.  

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Tina James - Teacher/Mom

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About 8 months ago I decided I didn’t want to look and feel like I did anymore. I had no energy, I hated how my clothes fit and I didn’t even want to look in a mirror. I did the Advocare 24 day Challenge and was pleased with the results, but I needed more. I needed muscle tone and still needed to drop more weight and inches. A friend told me about this wonderful virtual trainer he had and that he knew he could help me. I called Nate, skeptical of what he could do for me, and was pleasantly surprised. He talked with me for over an hour about what I wanted to improve about myself, what I had tried, what exercises I enjoyed and what I didn’t. Within a few days I had my exercise plans emailed to me by Nate and began my daily routine. I began Nate’s plan in November 2012. I kept thinking, really, 25-30 minutes a day is going to make a difference. Well…it certainly did. Nate’s personal workouts for me kicked my butt. I started to see the weight come off and I felt so much better about myself. My body is more toned and I am healthier. As I stop seeing changes Nate adjusts my plan. But it gets better, between Nate and his wonderful wife Amanda they give you recipes and daily motivation. Nate texts me every day to see how I am doing and asks what he can do to help me succeed. Amanda finds amazing recipes and posts them on their site. Along with Nate’s workouts and Amanda’s recipes I also did the Advocare 10 day cleanse. I had already lost about 14lbs but felt yucky after the holidays so Nate suggested the cleanse. I had lost another 6 lbs. and 3 inches from my waist. The only bad thing about all of this was that I HAD to buy new clothes! Put your trust in Church!



Shane Liberty - Motorcycle Racer

Shane Liberty - Motorcycle racer - CVMA/STTARS


Shane was already in really good shape but wanted an extra edge and additional stamina for long race weekends.  Racing multiple events over a weekend can really wear a body down and Shane was anxious for some guidance.  His wife Kit was looking for better strength and endurance also.  They have each been great supporters and clients from the start.  The best compliment a trainer can get is when they are told someone can feel a difference.  They also love Rehydrate and take in all tips and suggestions on staying energized for races.  Both are great to work with.  We feel honored when people ask Shane what to do about fitness for racing and he says "You better go to Church!"









Shawn Schmitt - Baseball Pitcher

Shawn Schmitt - Left Handed Pitcher - Miami Valley Baseball Association
A year and a half ago, I decided to get myself back in shape.  I started using Advocare products and working out on my own.  I lost 48 pounds in 14 months and was very happy with my results.  As a 37 year old pitcher in an 18 and over baseball league, I was excited about being able to play without as much pain and actually be competitive again.  I thought being able to hold my own and not be hurting each and every game was where I wanted to be and was thrilled.
Then I got back in touch with one of my oldest friends from high school, Nathan Church.  Nate set up a workout routine specifically designed for me taking in account I was in season and pitching.  I was concerned at first because I hesitate to try new workout routines in season, but I took a leap of faith in hopes of reaching another level in my play.
Nate quickly got me to the next level.  After just two weeks in his program, I found myself pitching a complete game, and actually feeling STRONGER in the last inning than in the first.  The endurance gains I've found working with Nate have been incredible.  I've pitched four times since getting on his program and have felt stronger each and every time out.  Three of those outings were prior to the league all star game and they were good enough to propel me onto the all star roster after what had been a pretty average season up to that point.  In my most recent game I threw nine innings, striking out 12 batters getting stronger in the final innings rather than more tired. I struck out 4 of the final 9 outs, including a perfect 9th inning.
I'm excited about what is to come.  Nate will alter my workout as the season draws to a close to focus on more power than  just endurance and recovery.  Our plan is for me to pick up more velocity on my fastball and given the success of what he's already done for me, I have no doubt that will happen.
shawnpitch7 small
An update on Shawn for the 2013 season he had 82IP, 61Ks, 2.41 ERA and a 9-2 record.  He led the league in wins with one win shy of single season record for the league.  Threw 6 complete games.  He was nominated for pitcher of the year and starting pitcher spot for league All Star Game.  Great job Shawn!  Solid products and training were some of the keys to his great year.



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