Dustin Blankenship - Law Student - Volunteer - Leader

In January 2014, I weighed in at 276 pounds.  I was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life.  I was unhappy, unsure of what to do, and unlikely to make a change without help.  I was constantly sick, headaches, flu, etc. My family history is filled with heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, etc.  By age 30, my older brother had a widow maker heart attack.  All of this helped me realize that I needed to make a change or I would be in the same shape. 

So, I reached out to my good friend Nate Church to give me advice.  I’ve lost over 50 pounds and counting.  It is not easy.  On the contrary, it is definitely hard work.  But with the assistance of Nate and Amanda, good friends with whom I get to work out, an appropriate diet, and a supplement plan from Advocare that has filled in the gaps, I have found the way to success.

This summer, I will take the Bar Exam for the State of West Virginia.  I have now completed my Juris Doctorate and my Master of Public Administration.  A healthy life has helped me to achieve both.I can’t fully express how thankful I am for Nate and Amanda’s help.  It’s a long ride to go, but I can’t wait to see my final results!


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Patrick Brown - Moto Cross/Supermoto Racer

"With working with Nate and Amanda from On Track Wellness I have learned they provide the knowledge and support I need to strengthen my body and mind.  They help keep my focus week in and week out with the preperation I need to keep my health and riding at the best.  They give me workouts and a program to follow as well as recommend products to get the most out of my workouts and recovery."

We enjoy working with Patrick and he always pushes himself.  We find we have to remind him to take active rest days and focus on recovery.






Tyler Valentine - Motorcycle Racer

Tyler Valentine is a professional motocross and supermoto racer.  We met Tyler at the 2013 OCGP Supermoto race.  He was with other racers we knew and work with.  Tyler complained of feeling a bit run down and sluggish.  We gave him a Spark before his race and wished him good luck.  Tyler ended up placing 3rd in the race.  We connected with him via social media and have started helping him with his fitness program.  We look forward to working with Tyler more.  Here is what he had to say on the products:

"I have used a lot of energy drinks and supplements.  Most I have never noticed any difference.  It shocked me how great the Spark worked!  It actually freaked me out a little that it made such a difference but I love the stuff.  I could definitely tell a difference and use it now before motos.  I would defintiely suggest riders use Spark and the Rehydrate Gel when riding and racing."


Watch for Tyler racing all over the US!








Eva Church - Retired - Mom

Eva is obviously Nate's mother so she is definitely going to support us but she actually has an amazing story also.  Eva has survived cancer TWICE and also had to have knee surgery in April of 2013.  She was in a lot of pain from recovering from chemo therapy and also the surgery on her knee which required cortisone shots every month.  Eva started on Bio Tools based on a suggestion from a family friend who was using it for their knee.  A little over a month on the product and Eva felt better than she had in months.  The swelling was finally down in her knee, the constant pain was gone and she stopped getting shots!

She also noticed a decrease in cravings for sweets, better sleep and lots of more energy.  After 4 months on Bio Tools she feels the best since getting cancer and prior to knee surgery. The cold weather is not bothering her knee and she continues to feel better each day with more energy.  Her doctor was very impressed by the results and has encouraged her to continue on the products.  That is a great endorsement also!!





Tim Weig - Motorcycle Racer

Tim Weig is a racer in numerous disciplines.  He was the 2012 Lucas Oils WERA West Lightweight Superbike and Superstock Champion.  He has raced motocross and also been in the pages of several top selling magazines in the past.  Tim is now focusing on racing Supermoto in the STTARS Series where he is regularly on the podium if not the top step along with other Supermoto events as his busy schedule allows.  Tim became a huge fan of some of our Advocare products.  He regularly uses Spark, Rehydrate and Pro 20 during the race day.  He gives straight and honest feedback on any products he uses so we highly appreciate the thumbs up he has given us.  We look forward to helping Tim in any area he needs for his racing fitness and cheering him on at the races.  Check out his web site at www.weigracing.com for more information and details on his racing career.
















For an update on Tim he did extremely well in the STTARS Supermoto Series for 2013.  He took 1st in 450, 1st in Unlimited and 2nd in Vet 30 for the season.  He was rarely off the podium.  We were glad to be able to help him tsay hydrated and energized for the races.  Great job Tim!  His dog Dakota was very proud also.


Tim wins



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