Margaret Larson - Retired Mom & Grandma

This testimonial comes from one of our bad ass ladies! Margaret joins her two daughters in class and is always encouraging to others. It really is neat to see Margaret and her family during the workouts. Below are the reasons why Margaret enjoys her time at Karate Body Fitness. It is worth noting that Margaret's granddaughter Kate is usually in class cheering everyone on and upping the cuteness in the room!

You know that I appreciate the class, but here's why:  I like the proximity to my home, the variety of exercises, the large class space, the short class time, the gentle corrections, the challenges, the mutual encouragement, the reasonable cost, and (mostly) the great results!  I can't seem to find people in my age group who are willing to join me; they think I'm crazy (could be true), but I am on the lookout for people to invite.   A reward for finding new members is not motivating for me but seeing how these workouts have helped my health is motivating. 
Regarding the circuits themselves, I dread the box but am hoping someday to be able to jump up on it with both feet:)  By far my favorite station is the kick bag which is great for my strength, balance, stress release, and self-confidence. I especially appreciate it when you circulate to remind us how to do the exercises correctly. 
Having Amanda there to watch Kate is huge.  This allows both Carrie and me to workout together.  Carrie was never a gym rat, so I'm thrilled that she has led the way in our family's fitness endeavors.  Thanks for getting her started. 
May your classes grow wildly in 2016.

Margaret and Kate


Kristin Duncan - Proud Mom - Hikes and Climbs

We love having Kristen in class. She always gives her best, is always cheerful and the kids have fun when there also. She never hesitates to try a new exercise. Nate loves teaching Macklin also and the family is an example of how USKA helps them all achieve their goals. Here is her story:


I started Karate Body in May during the month-long free trial classes for moms. My son had started at USKA in April and was making great strides with Mr. Church as his instructor. My main goal was, and still is, achieving and maintaining a good fitness level for an active life. At a family hike up Cowles Mountain in the spring it felt like my kids were setting a blistering pace and I want to be able to keep up with them at least until they are teenagers.

The workouts were really tough at first. I had the strength, but needed to make gains in stamina. Cooling down and recovering took me awhile. But, about two months in, my body’s endurance had really improved. During warm-up, I could feel my body respond with “Oh good, it’s time to work out” instead of “Oh God, it’s time to work out”. I started being able to work through the 15 second period between stations instead of taking every last moment of rest.

There are many reasons this workout works well for me

  • It’s a “no-brainer” - I’ve got a trainer planning a full-body workout for me every time.
  • The studio - In the past, my knees have bothered me when doing lots of squats and lunges. With working out on the mat, I’ve had no joint issues. The mirrors are great for staying on top of form and it’s motivating to see what you can do.
  • The support – It’s nice to work out in a group. Your classmates and instructors notice when you’re not there and celebrate your achievements with you.
  • The family-friendly environment – school being out of session is no excuse to miss a workout. We pack some activities and the kids come along with me and hang out where I can see them. I feel good about setting a healthy example for my kids, and they often bring mats and balls to exercise while I’m exercising.
  • Convenience – I usually attend 3 times a week at 9:30, after the kids are at school. The 3 days may vary depending on my work schedule, and occasionally I’ll come to an earlier class if that helps our family schedule work better. If I tack on a Target or Trader Joe’s run after a 30 minute class then the exercise makes only a blip in my day.
  • The push – while the workout is a “no-brainer”, it stays interesting. Staff switch-out and bring in new equipment, mix up exercises and routines, and offer upgrades all the time. They’ll race you in the sprint station to get you moving faster and are always keeping you in good form. The rush from achieving goals and conquering new things helps keep me at it. I never imagined I’d dominate that 30 inch box jump the first day the plyo box appeared in the studio.

I love this workout because it makes me feel good. It helps me manage stress and anxiety and my improved fitness level has opened the door to me for new activities and challenges. I ran a 5K distance for the first time in my life and achieved my goal of doing it in under 30 minutes. Recently my husband wanted to try out rock climbing at a gym and we’ve been going a few times a month now. It’s been a great mental and physical challenge for us, and something I would not have pursued nor been able to match my husband at without my Karate Body training. I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made with just 90 minutes a week of working out.




Kurt Hanft - Working Family Man

Kurt was the winner of a donation we gave through USKA and not only brought in Val but brings in his son and daughter many days also. Here is his testimonial:


I wouldn’t want to miss a class because I feel better for the day and I sleep better.  It never worked out for me to get up and go to the gym before work, but this class makes it easy.  You just show up and do it for a brisk 30 minutes.  I only need to wake up a few minutes earlier because the traffic so much better at 6am.  At the same time I wanted to lose 19 pounds so that I would be at the same weight when I was 40 before my 50th birthday.  I lost 14 lbs. and 2 inches off the belly with the 24 day challenge and now just 4 more lbs. to go in 4 weeks before the big day. Nate keeps us motivated during the class to make the most of the 30 minutes and to keep up the healthy habits.


Self Pic Kurt


Val Young-Calandra - Working Mom

Val came to try our class through a donation we gave with USKA. She pushes hard and her son often joins her. Below is her story with On Track Wellness so far:


I originally took Nate's class on a fluke. The class was a donation to my kids school fundraiser and a friend bid on it thinking it would be fun to try. I work out regularly but realize I haven't really been pushing myself enough to see progress until now. I love group fitness classes because they help me work harder in an attempt to keep up with those who are more fit than I am.

In Nate's class you get the added bonus of his personal traiing advice and help with nutrition. He offers healthy recipes on his website and supplement advice through Advocare. About a month into taking his class he spoke about the 24 Day Challenge. I was skeptical at first but decided to try it. The results were empowering. In 24 Days I lost 11 ponds and 5 inches overall. It was very motivating and definitely turned me on to Advocare Catalyst, MNS-C and Slim products. As a chronic snacker with a challenging metabolism adding these into my daily routine has given me great support to stay on track with my eating habits. I look forward to continuing in my fitness goals with Nate and On Track Wellness as my guide!


Val Calandra - 47




Ebony Robinson - Trainer and Advocare Distributor

We met Ebony at US Karate Academy and her below story is awesome. It shows how people truly can help each other even when they do the same job for a living and trying to grow their own business. We do not see each other as competition but a way to promote, help and push each other. If looking for on-line support or in person training I would be happy to connect you with Ebony.  My focus is my group classes and martial arts. She also shows how the 24 Day Challenge with a solid workout yields great results. We are glad to be a part of her program.

My son started taking Karate at USKA in May. To my surprise, the studio was offering FREE Karate Body Fitness classes to Mothers of the students for the entire month. Already a week or two into the month when I first heard it mentioned, I knew I would be there the next morning.

At 6:15am I showed up and met Nate Church who is the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (BONUS for me, I will explain why later) who heads the program. I enjoyed the session and was appreciative of the time it was offered because I could go before taking my kids to school in the morning and get my day started off on the right foot. However, if I overslept or needed to come later in the morning, I could do that too! During the class, I overheard Nate discussing Advocare products that I knew all about (yet another bonus to be explained later) but the total body circuit style training was challenging, fast paced and a great sweat in just 30 mins. I knew that I would be back every day to complete the month of May for my free Mother’s Day sessions and then sign up to continue further. I did just that.

Let me now make sense of why the aforementioned bonuses were such a big deal to me. I too, am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (like his wife Amanda) and recently Certified Spinning Instructor. I have my own business and mostly cater to an Online Training client base. Most of my days are spent making sure my clients programs are successful. Lots of thought goes into what a person’s goals are and what it will take to help them achieve the goals. It may not seem like a big deal but showing up for Karate Body Fitness was 30 mins where I could be pushed and quite frankly, I didn’t have to think. I did what I was told and I was happy to do it.

To add to this story, about a year ago I was diagnosed with Central Hypothyroidism. Some of the symptoms include sporadic weight gain, lack of energy and brain fog to name a few. Plateaus always seem to set in right after an unwelcomed gain. None of this is fun when your job is to be fit. This is why taking Nate’s class was perfect timing because on June 1 I began the 24 Day Challenge (Advocare’s flagship program) and I wanted to continue with a routine in addition to my own to maximize the benefits of the Challenge. This was the other bonus; Nate and his wife Amanda are also Advocare Distributors, just like me. I knew they would understand just where I was with my goals and they would help keep me motivated and on track.

During the 24 Day Challenge, my nutrition was impeccable and I got such an awesome workout from Karate Body Fitness. I also began walking more in my neighborhood instead of driving places. Outside of that, I maybe went to the gym 4 or 5 times tops during the 24 Day Challenge period for strength training. So for all intents and purposes, Karate Body Fitness was my core workout for the 24 Day Challenge duration. It was just the reset that I needed. Pictures do not lie. The results are what you get from a sound nutrition plan, great quality supplements and this awesome fitness program.

The dedication, support and what I like to think of as budding new friendships are icing on the cake to solid fitness training. From a Certified Personal Trainer with the same teachings, values and similar goals but one who clearly needed a switch in routine, I’m happy to say that I believe in Karate Body Fitness.

Ebony Robinson, CPT, FNS
Royal Pain Fitness, LLC

Ebony June 24 Day Challenge


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