Rico Suave - Dog and Professional Cuddler

Rico needed to lose over 10 pounds as suggested by the vet. He needed more exercise and control of portions. We put him on a program and with Nate moving to working for himself is able to walk him every day for 20 minutes or longer. He lost 12 pounds in a year! See his testimonial below:



What Sessions Do You Enjoy Most?

I like when my Dad takes me for walks after he eats lunch. We go to the park most days and I get to sniff all kinds of stuff. I also like when I get to go to the gym and do sprints with Mom and run after the other members. 

What Do You Like Most About Class Structure and Timing?

I like they are only 35 minutes. It gives more time to nap which I really love to do.

What Were Your Goals When You Started?

The vet told Mom and Dad I was fat. I had to lose weight which meant less food. I thought fat sounded awesome! But I want to be with Mom and Dad for a long time so I listened to the vet and lost 12 pounds!

How Have We Helped You Reach Those Goals?

By giving me smaller portions of food and treats when I deserve it and keeping me motivated to go on walks.

What Would You Tell A Friend?

Like Dakota, Archer or Indie? I would say if we can’t play at Dog Beach we should run around the gym.

What New Goals Do You Have?

Play with my toy squirrel more, go to Fiesta Island some and also go on more hikes and camping. I get to sleep with Mom and Dad when we camp.

What Has Been Your Biggest Surprise Achievement Since Starting You Did Not Expect?

I take Fish Oil from Advocare now every night when Dad does so I get a cool treat with it! My coat is super shiny and soft.

What Other Events Held Do You Enjoy?

Anytime I get to go hang out with other people and dogs!

Anything Else You Want To Share?

Us dogs sometimes do not know any better and eat anything we can find. We need our owners to help guide us and keep us active. Humans are not much different. Find a coach like my Dad who cares and will help keep you active, healthy and happy!


rico transform


Molly Methner - Marketing Whiz

Molly works hard every session and comes to many. She gives us great feedback and honest answers on sessions and exercises. See what she has to say about our program!
What Sessions Do You Enjoy Most?
My favorite sessions are Friday's TGIF class and Thursday's Deep Stretch (though I definitely should go to Deep Stretch more!!). Friday's class consists of a dynamic, full-body cardio and strength circuit where you get paired up with another person and switch off exercises at each station. It's a lot of work in a little time, and good to have someone else push you.
What Do You Like Most About Class Structure and Timing?
I like that I can get a really good workout in in just 35 minutes (including warm up and post-stretching!). Each class works the whole body and includes both strength and cardio. We don't stand around and wait for instructions (we do planks when each exercise is being explained at the beginning of class). We are moving the whole time and making each minute count. 
What Were Your Goals When You Started?
When I started, my goals were more general, such as lose a little weight, get some muscle definition, get stronger. But I've since learned, with the help of Nate, that I need to make more actionable goals, so they can be attainable. 
How Have We Helped You Reach Those?
Each class may be "short" when it comes to time, but Nate always encourages us to make each minute count and to push ourselves harder and burn out (always with good form, of course). With this encouragement, I have definitely gotten stronger.
What Would You Tell A Friend?
Effective, full body work out. Short amount of time. What more do you need?
What New Goals Do You Have?
Specifically, I am working on my percent body fat. I calculated it recently with Nate and that is what I will be using to track my progress. I also want to do two pull ups (I can do one!). 
What Has Been Your Biggest Surprise Achievement Since Starting You Did Not Expect?
I can do a pull up. :)
What Other Events Held Do You Enjoy?
Nonthing yet but looking forward to events with the dogs!
Anything Else You Want To Share?
The classes are challenging but the feeling is casual and welcoming; Nate wants you to succeed. Another great reason to work out with On Track Wellness.


Cassie Tu - Client and Graphics Guru

We met Cassie through the Class Pass service and when we moved to our new location she converted to us full time. Our great friends at Virago Fitness (www.virago-fitness.com) asked for a testimonial from a client and Cassie sent in this response. We love having Cassie in our "dawn crew" and she brings great energy to everything including our group hike to Cedar Creek Falls!


A little update as of 3/5/2017. Cassie decided to venture out on her own and work for herself as an independent contractor in graphic design. She still comes to 530am!! She is still getting great progress also. Check her blog here on how she became a morning person. Her testimonial definitely still applies.



1)What is your favorite class?
My favorite class is Wednesday's "Hell's Bells" class. I really enjoy the non-stop strength training. 

2)What is the typical number of participants in each class
It ranges anywhere from 2-6 people! It's 5:30am so I understand the struggle to get up!
3)What makes this gym and or its culture special for you?
It's a really positive and close community which I appreciate a lot. And Nate and Amanda do a great job focusing in on our goals and genuinely want to help us improve on our health and fitness, physically and nutritionally. I've been part of big gyms and they never come close to being this personalized! Also, I enjoy the super quick and efficient workouts!
4)How did you find On Track Wellness?
I discovered On Track Welness through Classpass. I had done a few classes at the previous location and once I discovered the new location, I decided to become an official member. 
5)Virago's mantra is Turning Struggle into Strength. Can you think of a time in your life that fitness helped you do that? 
Before I officially joined On Track Wellness, I was a chronic snoozer and had terrible sleeping habits. It was a problem for about 15 years at that point, and I was sure I would be like this for the rest of my life and that I would never become a morning person. I would have never predicted I could ever be exercising at 5:30 in the morning. However, Nate encouraged me that I CAN do this if I put my mind to it, and it's a change in mindset that I can work through! So slowly but surely I did, and now I'm waking up by 5am 3x a week to workout at On Track Wellness. It helps when the people I workout with are so positive and encouraging. It literally changed my life because this is the first time I have had a consistent workout routine and I can see the great improvements physically and mentally!
Here is Cassie enjoying the oasis with Chase and Tom at the bottom of the hike to Cedar Creek Falls.
Cassie Hike


Juliana Guidi - Mom and Martial Artist

We met our friend Juliana at USKA. She was a huge help to getting Nate up to speed on Tang Soo Do forms and amterial for his USKA Black Belt. We have also helped her switch up her workout. She is a blast to workout with and a great friend. She is also a huge fan of Advocare Rehydrate. Here was what she shared with us:

Been working out for years but my time with Nate, the owner/trainer of On Track Wellness, has opened me up to new Fitness styles and I have noticed the difference. Nate introduced me to the HIIT workout which I love cause I get all I need in 30 min. Within that 30 I get nonstop cardio, kettle bells, medicine balls, TRX and a variety of other exercises. Women all have their trouble spots and this workout HIITS all those areas. No matter what your fitness level either wanting to just continue to stay fit/toned or wanting to shed some weight On Track Wellness is the program you want to be with. Nate and his wife Amanda will personally help and continually encourage you to reach your goals. So to Nate and Amanda my arm, abs, legs and especially my booty thank you!







Tom Ahrens - Businessman/Surf Coach/Dad

We met Tom at US Karate Academy where his daughter Baylee is now a black belt. His son Chase has been a featured athlete. Getting to help almost the whole family is why we love what we do! Here is his story.


My family has been actively participating in Mr. Church's program for the past 6+ months.  We attend (3) 30 minutes classes on average per week & really love the fast paced, station-to-station, whole body fitness focus format which has produced solid, balanced results for all of us.  Since starting the program, I personally have lost 20 pounds while gaining overall energy, endurance, mental focus & whole body physical strength.  The fun, family friendly, low pressure yet challenging environment has completely met all our fitness & wellness needs.  I highly recommend Mr. Church's On Track Wellness classes to anyone who shares in this passion & who is recognizes the true value of whole body health & wellness as a way of life. 

Tom Ahrens


Tom Change




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