Bert Speller - Mom - Buckeye Fan

Bert was hesitant to try CBD and started with the oil drops. She struggled with the taste so switched to our spray. This is why we have numerous options of products and types.

Bert has lived with knee and foot pain for years. Having to stand on her feet all day for work was a struggle. She recently retired and still had swelling and discomfort. Getting down on the ground was uncomfortable and going down steps painful.

She went on the spray and now has new "freedom'! The swelling has gone down in her knee to be able to see bone again. The discomfort is gone. She can play with her dog, take walks and most importantly enjoy life again. Her mood is better and spirits high. In turn, her energy is up as well.

We want to help people live healthier, stronger and better lives. Contact us how we can help you. We have many options and routes to get you to your individual goals.

We love getting textx from her saying how much better she feels. We want those texts from you also.

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