Andy Lovsted - Marketing Guru-Surfer-Avid Golfer-Dad

Andy was referred to us from another client. We have had his entire family in sessions and enjoy his motivation and dedication to his goals. He always has great feedback and looks to help everyone in the community.


What Sessions Do You Enjoy Most?
​- 2 circuits at 30 second intervals are what I prefer. But 45 seconds and 3 rotations are probably pushing me harder. I like the variety so I wouldn't say that I have a preference, but Monday mornings are fun with the 3 stations.​

What Do You Like Most About Class Structure and Timing?

​- Mornings work great for me. I try to be up about 5-5:30,​ cup of coffee, quick devotional & prayer, then head to workout. That's the best start to any day.

What Were Your Goals When You Started?

​- Lose weight and gain strength.  

How Have We Helped You Reach Those Goals?

- ​

Nate's circuit programs have been great for both

​ my goals, but specifically has made a huge difference for me in surfing and golf. I have a lot more endurance while surfing and I've gained 15-20 yards in my drives along with increasing my consistency. I don't play much, but it is fun to drive the ball 250-270 yards!

What Would You Tell A Friend?

​- Come try it out. The people are awesome and the program is great. The day to day variety keeps the workouts interesting and challenging.​

What New Goals Do You Have?

​- I would still like to drop 20lbs, but that is mostly about eating less. From there, I'd like to have some good visible definition to my body and get rid of my belly.​

What Has Been Your Biggest Surprise Achievement Since Starting You Did Not Expect?

​- Longer drives.​

What Other Events Held Do You Enjoy?

​- Rock climbing was awesome. Missed it this year, but again, great group of people so we would have fun wherever we are at.​

Anything Else You Want To Share?

​- Change is challenging but the constant. I appreciate Nate and Amanda and the investment in me and my family and encourage everyone to come give On Track Wellness a try. As with many things, you'll get out of it what you put into it, so come, ready for a good change, and join our growing family of workout buddys.


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