Baylee Ahrens - High School Student Athlete

Baylee joined us as she indicates to get extra training for her black belt test. Her father and her train together which is great to see and her brother has trained with us and also been an intern. See why she loves working out and hanging out with the On Track Wellness team!


What Sessions Do You Enjoy Most?

My favorite class is the Wednesday class because we use kettle bells. I enjoy this class because you can change weights to push yourself, and you have control over how you improve.


What Do You Like Most About Class Structure and Timing?

I like the warm ups because they are consistent with each class and a nice way to start the workout by stretching and warming up different muscles. I really like the

I like the timing of each set, it feels just right.


What Were Your Goals When You Started?

I started with On Track Wellness because I wanted to get prepared for my black belt test. The test was physically very demanding and the workouts got me in really good shape. My goal was to improve my endurance and to be able to do more reps of typical workouts like pushups, situps, etc.


How Have We Helped You Reach Those Goals?

On track really pushed me and gave me the opportunities to push myself and reach my goals. The workouts gave me the endurance and strength I needed. I also received amazing motivation and guidance from the trainers. They showed me that if I worked hard and trusted the workouts I could reach my goals.


What Would You Tell A Friend?

I would tell anyone who is interested in working out to become a part of On Track. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. The workouts are designed for any type of person and are a great way to wake up in the morning. I suggest going 3 or more days a week to get the full benefits, and go to the various events offered. The program is a great way to start working out, get back in shape, or push yourself farther than you already are. After the workouts I feel energized and ready to start the day feeling good and accomplished.


What New Goals Do You Have?

Since getting my black belt, my new goals have been centered around personal performance and staying in shape. I do a diverse range of sports, which use many muscles so the classes have been great for preparing me for each sport season. My current goals are to build more muscle, and to maintain a built body shape. I feel On Track can get me to these goals and continue to fuel new goals I create for myself.


What Has Been Your Biggest Surprise Achievement Since Starting You Did Not Expect?

I did not expect to feel so great during the workouts. After the first few minutes waking up and getting warmed up I felt immediately more energized and happy. I feel like the days I don’t go to the workout something is missing. I definitely didn’t expect that. I had always been an off and on workout kind of person but with on track I feel motivated to come back and be consistent.


What Other Events Held Do You Enjoy?

I love the events held by On Track because I get to be active while having fun and socializing with the people I see in the morning workouts. My favorite event is rock climbing, but I also loved camping and hiking. The events are a good way for me to get out on the weekend. I enjoy spending time with the people from and a part of On Track, they are also motivating to me. The events are a big part of what I love about On Track Wellness.


Anything Else You Want To Share?

On Track Wellness is also great because of it’s flexibility. They are so many times and classes available, which makes it easy for me in the mornings when my schedule change. The class is also flexible in its client. You can be at all different stages of working out and the class provides value to each one. I like this because I can go to the classes as my main workout, to crosstrain, or to have a consistent class that pushes me. Every class is build for all types of people, and different times in my own life.



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