Grace Caltabellotta - Runner - Martial Artist

Grace - Loves To Be Active


Grace is very active and hydration is key. She runs Cross Country and also is an avid Martial Artist. Energy is key for a busy teenager and Rehydrate gives her important vitamins, minerals and additional energy. She feels like she can run longer and perform stronger when she takes it. She also recovers faster.

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Updated Testimonial - Eva Church - Advocare and CBD

My mom did a previous testimonial on how Advocare has helped her. She has since battled more cancer and we have stepped up her product use.


Hear her own testimonial here...

Video Interview


My mom still is consistent with her Advocare Bio Tune and Core Plex. The relief she feels for many aches and pains along with energy increasing keeps her a devoted user.

After being diagnosed with a tumor on her kidney we added CBD Rix Mix into her program along with 18% Raw CBD Drip Product.

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After her surgery, the tumor on her kidney had shrank to a smaller size. Anyone experiencing cancer knows how very rare that is. It was also great news as it meant no chemotherapy for her. Advocare and CBD can do so much for so many.

Feel free to contact us with questions and give my mom a big hug if you see her.


CBD Pain Cream Love by Mateo

When clients make a video without asking that truly makes us smile and know we are helpin others enjoy life and return to more activities. We want to help people live strong and healthy lives. Our fitness program along with our supplements (Advocare and CBD) do just that.


Want to see why so many clients love our products? Watch each video here.


Before the workout 


After working out and using our pain cream


Contact us on how we can help you get relief and feel stronger and perform better.


Melisa Nielson - Author - Educator - Kid Wrangler

We have many clients seeing great results and relief from the use of CBD oil and our Eco Caps (basically dehydrated drops). Any relief we can help someone get is a plus. Her family uses our Gummie Vitamins and she uses Rix Mix as well. See her testimonial below.


Melisa Nielson


A shout out to Nate! I am in love with the products we've used.

I had a stroke in 2014 and since have been working on pain and high blood pressure. CBD has totally helped me eliminate pain medication and it has stablized my blood pressure. I have had amazing results.

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Carmen Speller - Counselor and Corgi Lover

When we began carrying CBD to help others Carmen was interested due to a few issues. Her story is the exact reason we share with others the possible benefits someone can see. There are so many benefits people have found and thousands of studies being conducted. Who knows how it clould help you. Talk with us to find out more. Or visit our shop by clicking here.



Carmen Speller Results with Eco Caps Pills


I just wanted to give my personal results using the Ecocaps...

I have been having severe acid reflux and stomach issues since Thanksgiving last year. I tried the ecocaps for energy and anxiety, and noticed within a week that my stomach issues have been nearly non-existent. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found something that helps with so many different things! Thanks to Nathan Church and Amanda Speller Church for helping me find some relief.




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