Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Day 4 we had tacos in the form of zucchini boats! These were really good but it should be noted that this recipe is somewhat time consuming. Scooping out the zucchini and chopping vegetables took the most time. I boiled the zucchini shells a little too long so they were pretty soft and did not hold the stuffing too well. I got distracted doing other stuff and let them boil for too long. They were still good thankfully! I also forgot to buy a bell pepper so I added some frozen vegetables I had on hand. Birdseye makes a vegetable blend with peppers, corn and black beans. I added about a cup of this vegetable medley.

I also had some of the stuffing left over once I filled the zucchini so I scrambled up some eggs and mixed it in with the leftovers. So not only did we have a tasty dinner, we now have breakfast as well!

I found the recipe on Pinterest and it comes from a website called Skinny Taste. The link to the recipe is as follows:



taco stuffed zucchni boats

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