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Room for More Knowledge.....


5 years ago we took a chance on an opportunity presented to us by some friends. Advocare has been and continues to be a fun adventure providing us better health and improved finances. We have yet to hit our goals but any shortage of reaching them is due to our efforts. It is only the fault of our own not the system. That is a big lesson we have learned running our own business. The education provided to us has helped us grow immensely.

A few months ago some other friends approached us on another group of products. Advocare provides us a great opportunity and complement to our business and fills in gaps of our nutrition but there are still a few items it does not cover. So again, we took a long hard look at an opportunity. What did we have to lose? Why not see how it could help us and others? After all, our business is base don doing all we can to help others improve their health.

I have never smoked anything in my life. This includes cigars, cigarettes and especially any drug. I was exposed to pot as a youth. I had zero tolerance or desire to be around it. Many are shocked when I started using CBD oil and Hemp based products. Why the shift? Because my cup of knowledge remains empty for new information. I consciously focus on leaving room for more understanding and experience.

There is a huge difference between Non THC Hemp based products and medical marijuana with THC and the psychedelic side effects. Many use the loop hole of medical benefits to get high. However, there is an even larger population who desire the benefits of Hemp and CBD without any side effects and mind alteration.

This is why I use it and endorse it. My shoulder injury is a huge hindrance to me. Few products give me any relief. The CBD Rapid Release Pain Cream did. I naturally shared it with clients, family and friends. The quick relief they got was convincing as well! I tried other products and allowed others to see how it helped. The relief and happiness they received was amazing. That is what I want to do for others!! I want to see people be happy and get relief from issues like stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort. Who wouldn’t want that?

Yes, there is a lot of controversy from a lack of understanding or knowledge but that challenge is a huge part of the fun and why I joined also. Those who hold strong against the facts simply have a full cup!

So, is your cup overflowing with past experiences and influences? Or are you ready to pour in new knowledge, possibilities and opportunities?

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