Lessons From My Nephew

Lessons From My Nephew

My nephew is unique like all kids. However, he has something extra special about him. He is also an Autistic Child. Most kids say what they think with little thought of how others may react. He is even more so that way. He never means harm by it. He just calls it as he sees it.

He has asked me when it has been a while since visiting, “Where have you been?” Honest question right? It had been too long and life and excuses had prevented me from visiting. I work hard to keep it short between visits. He also does not hesitate to say when he is done doing something, talking to someone or bored. His brutal honestly is actually refreshing. There is no mystery to how he feels or where you stand.

The biggest lesson I get from him is his indifference to what people think. He quickly states how awesome he is, which is true. He believes it, knows it and does not care how people take it. He also will break out in song, dance or movie quotes. If people do not think it is cool, he does not care. Their thoughts or judgements do not impact his happiness. How amazing would that be?

So often we hold ourselves back due to the fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of ridicule and fear of standing out. How much could we achieve if we acted without fear? How happy could we be? As a martial arts instructor who works with kids a lot I know they can teach us valuable lessons. I definitely admire my nephew and try to be more like him.

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