Why We Love to HIIT and Run!

Why We Love to HIIT and Run!


HIIT training has a lot of benefits and has been our preferred method of workouts for over 7 years. We have also seen the ebst results from interval training. I am actve in various sports and activities and high intensity workouts have me the best prepared I have ever been. Intense interval training is called HIIT, Interval, Tabata or other names. They all work on the same principle, short bursts of extreme intensity with rest as needed or for a brief moment.


Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Increased oxygen use by muscles
  • "Afterburn Effect" allowing muscles to continue to burn oxygen well after your workout
  • Burn more calories than steady state workouts
  • Boost metabolism
  • Build lean muscle

These all lead to great rewards. We also love HIIT training for the following reasons:


  • Quicker workouts saving time
  • Fun circuits with a variety of moves
  • Quick bursts prevent boredom of steady state activities that can occur
  • Combine cardio and strength trainign together


We have tried various methods, tools and techniques. Our HIIT classes continue to be the most popular. We enjoy long hikes and the harder we push in HIIT Training the better we do when hiking. Join us for a HIIT session. Contact us for feedback and assistance in your goals.


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