Who Is Your Pacer?

Who Is Your Pacer?


3 days after my birthday I ran my first ever ½ marathon. I was lucky to have a good friend run with me. We set a goal of beating 2 hours but a top goal of under 1:50. The race event had pacers at various marks and one of them was the 1:50 time frame.


That was going to make life simple. Except we had to be in the wave behind the pacer. That meant a 90 second delay which may not seem much but when consistent miles count, it can be a lot longer than you think.


We ran down the pacer after 4 miles and cruised with them for most the race. I fell off a bit at the end but still ran a 1:47:49. Goal complete!!


What does this have to do with fitness or personal wellness? Everything. If I had been left on my own without a pacer of any kind I could have easily fell off. Nearly everyone running either had a person running a pace or an electronic device to help them stay on task.


In fitness and even personal development it is essential to have someone help you stay on pace. You can go it alone but having someone help you stay right on track provides better consistency. Consistency leads to success. That is what we all want!

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