Key Trait To Success

The Key Trait to Success


It takes a lot of strong traits to be successful in your journey in fitness. These traits also apply in your journey for success in any area. You must be focused, determined, motivated, adaptive and consistent. Most importantly you have to be patient.


This is honestly one of the hardest parts for me. Like many people, I want success and I want it NOW!! It is tough to wait for results or move at a slower pace than you desire. That is often the case. Progress can take time. Results in fitness are a process and can take substantial time. You have to follow the steps and procedures and trust the process. Results can seem to be miniscule or not at all. It is often hard for one to see results themselves.


Business can be very similar. You can pour a ton of effort and see small results little by little. Big changes are exciting but the norm is small victories. We have doubled in growth over a year with still room for more. That is phenomenal but the patience to see it develop is tough!! Obviously we want more success now. Patience truly is a virtue and we are working hard to develop it more.


Understand we get the frustrations. When you are still struggling for another rep. Can not seem to lift that extra plate. Those last few inches will not drop off. Those pesky abs keep hiding. Be patient. When new clients seem to be hard to find. When your revenue takes a dip. When ideas seem as dry as the desert. Keep adapting. Keep working. Keep pressing. Stay patient and know it takes time to create a masterpiece.

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