A Different Path Does Not Have To Be Wrong

A Different Path Does Not Have To Be Wrong

I have taught martial arts for a very long time. I have always found that I learn a lot by watching my students, how they react, what they struggle with. I am sure many instructors agree if students have a poor stance, are doing a move a little “strange” or not holding their hands right there is a good chance they saw you do it.

Most students and especially very young ones just mirror you exactly. It is funny when you kneel down to help them and they kneel also but not so funny when you see their hands way down and realize it is because you are holding yours too low. It also shows what a strong example we serve.

I also am fortunate that I teach a group of kids who are all in a Home School program. In my town, it was rare to know someone home schooled. If they were, they had either behavioral or development issues. It just was not the normal way to attend school. I would say it is still not the “average” for society. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “going against the grain”.

The program allows so many unique opportunities. My students get to take martial arts in the middle of the day. How great is that?! They also get to explore the city, go out in nature and have true hands on lessons in life. It is honestly very different from how I went to school but is so fun to see.

We are so quick to question, criticize and point out negatives to anything different from our “normal” or path. Many people are so focused on convincing others to follow “their way” they miss the opportunity to learn why a different path can be so amazing to another. Why does it have to be a competition?

Some of the students come to Saturday class where “traditional school” kids are there also. Obviously it is impossible to tell a difference. Each one is just on their own path in life and learning along the way the best for them.

I have students in private schools, religious based schools, public schools and home schools. Which one is best? The one that fits the student the best. I think we have lost the view of allowing people to be an individual and create their own road. After all, you can’t discover new territories by staying on a well groomed path.


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