About Us

Welcome to On Track Wellness.  We have created this site to not only share our story and adventures but to also help others.  We have been fortunate to be inspired by some amazing people in the health and fitness world and are continually adding to our knowledge.  This is our vehicle to share that knowledge and help others improve their lifestyle as we have.

Everyone strives to be healthy and fit.  Sometimes we run “off track” and need help getting going again.  Perhaps you are someone who is not sure where to start, have questions, want to share information or just curious of the track we are currently on, we welcome you to share our adventure.  This site will evolve over time.  We appreciate feedback, comments, support, suggestions and in time your business.

So if you need to get back "On Track", start on a new track or want to improve the quality of your track please contact us.  All types of people and levels of fitness are welcome.  No individual is the same so everyone should find which track works the best for them.


About Nate CPT, TRX Trainer:2199

I graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I spent almost 20 years in the corporate world but left it behind in 2014 to pursue fitness full time. My passion to help others through fitness and martial arts was too strong to ignore and the desire to break away from a desk was a huge motivation to make the change.

I have been active my entire life but have recently surpassed all the levels I have ever achieved. I have played soccer since I was little, loved motorcycles since I can remember and enjoy anything that keeps me active. I am a 3rd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate,  a 2nd Degree Black belt in Ju Jitsu and 1st Degree Black belt in Tang Soo Do. I love all types of sports and have played or competed in soccer, track, rugby, Supermoto and even Flow Boarding. I love trying new sports and being outside as much as possible. I enjoy helping athletes or the general person improve their performance and  health. Teaching people of all ages martial arts is also a major passion of mine. 

Despite all my activities and training over the years, my recent knowledge along with those who help and train me have me in better shape than ever. I have learned to train smarter and be more mindful of my nutrition and how it makes my body react. I have learned that what works for others does not always translate to me. My goal is to help others get stronger, improve performance or reach whatever goals they set for themselves. I am excited for the new adventures in front of me and blessed to have a supportive wife with the same passion and who is also an amazing cook! I have always strived to continue to learn, grow and expand my knowledge and this opportunity will do exactly that. So no matter the sport or goal I look forward to working with you or just discussing thoughts and ideas on wellness.





About Amanda Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist: about Amanda

I have never been all that active, athletic or participated in many sports growing up. I tried basketball for a couple years in junior high and while it was fun I found that sports really are not my thing. I never really exercised and almost did not feel the need to. As I got older I learned that exercising had many benefits and was extremely important to stay healthy. It was very difficult to actually start an exercise routine and make it a habit. I was not motivated and it was not important to me. If it were not for Nate and our friends at Bird Rock Fit I would not be where I am at today. I feel stronger, healthier and so much better than ever before.

I have always enjoyed cooking, baking and exploring my creative side. We have made some changes in our diet over the last year or so and one of my main goals with this website is to share those changes with all of you and help in any way I can. There are many great recipes and products we have tried that helped us see better results in our diet. I will be sharing this information within the blog section. My next step to better nutrition is to gain more knowledge. I hope to help people make better food choices with healthy and delicious options from what I have found and with what works for us.